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Titans Season 1 Finale Trailer Turns Batman Into A Murdering Psychopath

Is Batman really going to kill Joker, RIddler, and Two-Face?


When you weren't looking, Titans somehow became the best DC adaptation on TV. Now, with it's Season 1 finale, the DC Universe original series looks to be doubling down on just how insane things can get in this world of vigilantes. Thus far, we've met two Robins--Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. And it's about time Batman showed up.

The Batman shown in the trailer, though, likely isn't the one you're used to. This Batman has snapped, and he's on a murderous rampage. As the two-minute clip reveals, Commissioner Gordon is dead and, as a means of revenge, Batman is set on killing the Joker.

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This dark turn fits in well with the tone of what we've seen from Titans so far, but pitting Robin against Batman is a major moment for DC lore. With Bruce Wayne so off the rails and only Dick to stop him, the Season 1 finale could be one of the most epic DC moments we've ever seen play out in live action.

Of course, that all depends on just how willing Titans is to show Batman. Thus far, he's been mentioned quite a bit and shown in the shadows. The trailer includes a lot more of the Caped Crusader, though we never see his face--every shot is from behind.

Given that this episode is being promoted at Robin vs. Batman, it seems as though they'll have to show Batman--and give him a voice. At this point, though, no casting for the Dark Knight has been announced.

Whatever the case, the trailer of blood he's leaving throughout Gotham city--we see the bodies of Two-Face, Riddler, and the Joker in the trailer--is pretty disturbing. The death of Commissioner Gordon would surely impact Batman on a deep level, but will Titans commit to making him the villain he's painted as in the trailer?

Thankfully, you're only going to have to wait a week to find out. The Season 1 finale of Titans premieres on Friday, December 21, on DC Universe.

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