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Titanic Is Back In Theaters For Valentine's Day

Come February 10, your heart can go on into theaters to once again catch Titanic.


In celebration of its 25th anniversary, a remastered version of James Cameron's Titanic will be re-released to theaters on February 10. The film, which clocks in at three hours and 15 minutes, will be screened in 3D 4K HDR with high-frame rate.

The director's historical-romance epic is just one of many current examples of Cameron's staying power in theaters and abilities to draw audiences. In addition to winning 11 Academy Awards in 1998, Titanic held the No. 1 box-office spot for 15 straight weeks and became the highest-grossing movie of all time, ultimately earning $2.2 billion worldwide--a record it held until Cameron's 2009 film Avatar.

Meanwhile, Avatar: The Way of Water this week took the number one spot at the domestic box office for the fourth consecutive week, taking in $45 million in North American ticket sales, according to Box Office Mojo. Further, the sequel as of Monday became the seventh biggest movie in history worldwide. Its take in the US alone recently passed $500 million.

Thanks to The Way of Water's huge success at the box office, Cameron is moving ahead with his planned sequels, beginning with Avatar 3 in 2024. That movie was already filmed, and some parts of Avatar 4 have been shot, too.

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