Titanfall's New DLC Will Take You to Beaches and Mines

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment announced Frontier's Edge, the next DLC pack for its first-person shooter.


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Respawn Entertainment, developer of first-person shooter Titanfall, has revealed the next DLC pack for its game. Entitled Frontier's Edge, the pack includes three new maps with several different environments.

According to publisher Electronic Arts, the maps will push "the battle to the furthest reaches of the universe." In Dig Site, you will fight in an "isolated mining outpost." Export brings you to a hub of mine activity. Finally, you can wreak havoc with Titans and heavy weaponry through an "exclusive beach resort" in the map called Haven.

This is the second of three planned DLC packs for Titanfall. It will cost $9.99 by itself, but it is included in the $24.99 season pass for all three packs. It'll be released for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The first DLC, Expedition, launched in May and brought several swamp and jungle maps to the game.

GameSpot reviewed Titanfall back in March and thought it was excellent. Respawn has no intention to let Titanfall fall by the wayside, either. Data found in a recent update hint at new game modes such as "Titan Tags" in the works. Respawn has also said that there are new Titanfall experiences coming in the future. Keep your eyes on GameSpot for new robot-fighting action announced in the future.

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