Titanfall Xbox 360 runs "above 30fps," but the "action is all there" dev says

Developer Bluepoint Games confirms frame-rate for Xbox 360 version of multiplayer shooter, says game will deliver a "true" Titanfall experience; includes all the maps and modes found in the Xbox One and PC versions.


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The Xbox 360 version of Titanfall will run at "above 30fps," developer Bluepoint Games announced today in a post on the game's website. By comparison, the Xbox One version targets 60fps, but drops occasionally when many objects and elements appear on-screen simultaneously, according to an independent review at Digital Foundry.

The revelation comes from Bluepoint Games senior producer Daryl Allison, who promised that even with the lower frame-rate, "the action is all there."

"When approached by Respawn to develop the Xbox 360 version, we knew a project like this would be a challenge and we knew the commitment it would take would be worth it. How does one start with a title focused on leveraging the power of the Xbox One and PC and make it look and feel just as good (and fun!) on the Xbox 360? Thankfully, Respawn saw in us what they wanted--the drive and ability to make hardware do the impossible--which put us in this fortunate position of launching Respawn’s new franchise with them," he said.

Allison said Titanfall for the Xbox 360 is the "true experience." It contains all the maps, modes, titans, weapons, and burn cards found in the Xbox One and PC versions. Visually, it's also impressive, he said.

"The game looks great, sounds great, and above all it plays great. There are of course some technical differences that are due to the technical limitations of the hardware--for example, the game runs above 30fps--but rest assured, the intense 6v6 wall-running, titan dropping action is all there," Allison said.

Finally, Allison said he hoped to ship the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall alongside the Xbox One and PC versions in March, but "it needed more time." He went on to say Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment "made the right call" in delaying the game multiple times.

Titanfall for Xbox 360 launches April 8, but copies of the game are already appearing at retailers and on auction sites like eBay. Buyer beware, however, as the game's servers will not be turned on until launch day, meaning the online-only game is unplayable until then.

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