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Titanfall won't sell as well as Call of Duty, says Zampella

Respawn Entertainment cofounder says upcoming shooter won't match Call of Duty sales out of the gate; multiplayer-only game will be $60.


Respawn Entertainment's upcoming online shooter Titanfall will not post Call of Duty-level sales numbers, at least not right away, according to cofounder Vince Zampella.

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Speaking on southern California's KFI AM60 recently, Zampella said building a new franchise takes time.

"It's a new brand," Zampella said about Titanfall. "You build up momentum over the years when you put out a new brand. It's starting over, so it won't sell as well [as Call of Duty]."

"But for us it's...kind of a passion project. We love it. It's something new," he added. "It's taking the old paradigm of these shooter games being very grounded and two-dimensional and now adding this verticality to it and making it something that's a new experience; something that people haven't seen before."

Also in the interview, Zampella confirmed that Titanfall--a multiplayer-only shooter--will retail for $60 at launch in 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Zampella co-created the now-billion-dollar Call of Duty series at Infinity Ward and worked on the franchise from its onset until Activision fired him and other founder Jason West in 2010. The pair founded Respawn Entertainment in 2010 with dozens of former Infinity Ward developers and secured funding for Titanfall through the EA Partners program.

West has since left the company. "Revelations" from the Call of Duty lawsuit reportedly led to a rift between West and Zampella. A source said in June that Zampella felt West was "sabotaging" Respawn Entertainment.

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