Titanfall will only use Xbox 360 controllers on PC, not Xbox One controllers (yet)

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It's not new news that Xbox One controllers don't work on PC. Microsoft has stated before that support for their current console's controllers will be coming sometime in 2014. But after one Twitter user asked Respawn if their upcoming shooter Titanfall will work with an Xbox One controller on PC, the company surprisingly wrote back, "Yes."

Respawn shortly thereafter deleted that message and offered up the response, "We don't, sorry. I saw 'Xbox controller.' We support 360, not One on PC." More than likely, this isn't an issue that's up to Respawn at all; like the rest of us, they're just waiting for Microsoft to release new drivers drivers that would untether the Xbox One controller from its current console exclusivity.

Reaching out to Microsoft for comment, a spokesperson said, "The Xbox One controller, although it looks similar in many ways, shares no underlying technology with the current Xbox 360 controller. We know PC compatibility is important to many Xbox One customers and expect PC drivers to be available in 2014."

We've also contacted Respawn regarding the statements, but it's likely that the PC version of Titanfall will eventually be able to to support Xbox One controllers. That that won't happen until Microsoft makes them available, but you might remember that hacker Chris Gallizzi claimed to have gotten the driver situation sorted out himself months ago.

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