Titanfall's next update coming soon; adds loadout, private match options

The next big patch for Titanfall will be released alongside its first DLC.


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Respawn has revealed the list of changes and improvements being implemented in Titanfall's third update, which will be out on the Xbox One and PC later this month alongside the Expedition DLC.

The full list of patch notes for Game Update Three was published on the official Titanfall website today. Many of its most noteworthy additions are things we've heard were coming previously, but are nonetheless much-appreciated. These include providing access to a scoreboard for the previous game in the post-match lobby, allowing loadout names to be changed, and providing two custom, mode-specific loadouts.

Each game mode's first custom loadout will be earned after playing that mode five times, and the second will be awarded after completing the tenth match in that mode. These loadouts should make it much easier for players to tailor weapons and abilities to the type of match at hand; in the past, matchmaking could pull players right into a match without providing time to customize loadouts for the match about to be played.

New settings for private matches, which were added in last month's patch, will be made available. These new options include score and time limits, minimap availability, respawn delays, and the ability to tweak AI difficulty.

Other changes include dealing with quitters (they'll now earn a loss even if they leave before a winner is named), increasing the damage done by Nuclear Ejections, and altering Dome Shields. A number of bugs are being stomped out by this patch, too, including improvements to matchmaking that should make it less likely that players end up in the same map or mode multiple times in a row.

A few system-specific updates are included in the update as well. The PC version will add support for refresh rates up to 144 frames per second and allow players to easily mute each other from the scoreboard. The infamously long audio installation has also been reduced. And on the Xbox One, a new icon is being introduced on the scoreboard and in the lobby to designate players that are in a party chat.

According to Respawn's Twitter account, this patch will be out on the same day as the Expedition DLC, which has yet to be given a specific release date. We know it's coming sometime this month for the Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 release coming sometime afterward. The DLC consists of three maps--War Games, Swampland, and Runoff--and will be available for $10, or as one of three parts of the $25 season pass.

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