Titanfall live mini-map now available on your phone or tablet as you play

The Titanfall companion app brings mini-maps and stat tracking to your mobile device.


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On the heels of the game's first downloadable content launch, Titanfall's companion app has been released.

While it's limited to connecting with the Xbox One version of the game, the app itself is available on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 devices. Much of the functionality it offers is what you'd expect from a companion app for a first-person shooter; most notably, it offers a live, interactive mini-map as you're playing.

Provided you've got the dexterity to go from holding a controller to dealing with the app, you can zoom in and out to to get a closer look at a specific area or to see the entire map you're on. The map displays you, other players, and Titans on the map, as well as enemy players (whenever they've done something to make them appear). Filters located along the right side of the screen allow you to control how much information is displayed.

The app also provides a look at a limited selection of your player stats that can be seen in-game, including things like the number of games you've played, your best weapons, and a breakdown of how often you play the various game modes. Additionally, those interested in the game's lore can use the app to read about the in-game universe. Strategy guides and other information regarding weapons and games modes are included, too.

The Titanfall companion app is a free download and is available now. The Expedition DLC, meanwhile, can also now be yours, albeit at the cost of $10--provided you're on on Xbox One or PC; Xbox 360 players will have to continue waiting for the new content.

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