Titanfall: Images and details for upcoming DLC map, Runoff

Respawn releases first images and gameplay details for one of the maps included with this month's Expedition DLC.


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Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment today released the first images and details for the Runoff multiplayer map, one of three new maps included with this month's Expedition DLC. Designer Geoff Smith writes on the game's website that Runoff was originally planned to ship with Titanfall, but it had to be cut due to time constraints.

He explains that the core concept of Runoff is that is has multiple layers: concrete canals with water and trash on its lower levels and upper levels that are cleaner and more industrial.

"I thought the canals would be cool for Titans to fight in, with Pilots able to jump across them," Smith says. "I also set out to make more choke points in the level, something that is pretty hard to do in our game, at least for Pilots with their enhanced mobility."

The first sketch for Runoff.
The first sketch for Runoff.

Runoff is set around three main buildings, the largest of which houses two inlet tubes in its center. The other two buildings are connected with sky-bridges and billboards that you can wall-run across.

"The trench below these buildings is the central artery of the entire map. If your Titan falls down into these trenches, you will have to travel back to either end of the map to find a ramp back up," Smith says. "The trenches also serve to help you escape quickly when your Titan gets into an unwinnable fight."

For more on how Runoff is set up for Titanfall's CTF and Hardpoint modes, check out the full post on the game's website.

"Runoff ends up being a pretty fun level that plays very differently in each game mode," Smith said. "You'll find yourself using different areas of the map depending on what you choose."

Runoff is one of three new maps coming to Titanfall through the upcoming Expedition DLC. The other two are called Swampland and War Games, the latter of which Respawn detailed at length last week. We're still waiting to hear more about Swampland.

The Expedition DLC, launching sometime this month, is included with the $25 Titanfall DLC Pass and can be purchased separately for $10. A new 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode is also coming to Titanfall sometime in the future and will be available as a free download for all players.

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