Titanfall Has Had "7 Million Unique Users"

The best-selling new IP on Xbox One has had a lot of players, even if that doesn't completely tell the whole sales story.

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We don't have exact sales numbers, but developer Respawn added a little more context to their statement that Titanfall is the best-selling new IP for Xbox One.

Speaking in the video embedded above, Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe said, "We're constantly working to improve the game for everyone, and to give all seven million unique users new ways to play Titanfall."

This doesn't necessarily translate to 7 million copies of the game sold, however. On the gaming forum Neogaf, user DKo5 (Titanfall producer Drew McCoy) wrote, "This does not mean 7m sold. This means 7m people have played the game. Yes, this means Destiny and probably Watch Dogs have had more more sales and players. This is not at all surprising, or worthy of shame. Everyone is so supremely proud of the game. More successful than we could have imagined. I could also point out that EA has been on a huge upswing in the market, often attributed partially to how well Titanfall has done."

Respawn hasn't yet ruled out whether or not the next Titanfall will come to multiple platforms, but we do know that more Titanfall is on the way.

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