Titanfall getting live-action content?

“Your Titan is Ready” website suggesting live-action content set in Titanfall's universe counting down to the midnight launch.


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A website with the URL yourtitanisready.com has announced that Respawn and the visual effects studio Playfight, which made the Call of Duty live-action short Operation Kingfish, “have teamed up to bring you original content set within the vast expanse of the Titanfall universe.”

"Titanfall is set in a rich near future universe with visceral, epic battles with Pilots and their Titan companions," Dusty Welch of Respawn is quoted on the website. "We wanted to partner with Playfight, who has a history of delivering movies that meld gameplay, live action and stellar CG into truly entertaining media, for Titanfall. What this collaboration brings is yet to unfold…"

The site features a clock that’s counting back to Titanfall’s launch, when a teaser trailer should unlock. Several Playfight team members also said on Twitter that they are heading to Austin for SXSW, teasing a Titanfall announcement.

Respawn and Electronic Arts have yet to confirm if the website is officially tied to Titanfall, and it’s also suspicious that it's registered in Panama, so you should take all of this with a grain of salt.

There was some confusion yesterday about what new Titanfall information would be revealed at the game’s midnight launch event in Austin after Microsoft’s Jeff Rubenstein said on Major Nelson Radio that it will be “showcasing the future of Titanfall.”

Respawn’s Vince Zampella later clarified that the “‘future’ thing is just something fun. Not how I would have described it, but still fun.”

Could this be what Zampella was referring to, and would you be interested in live-action content that explores the Titanfall universe?

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