Titanfall Expedition DLC will be released for Xbox One and PC tomorrow, costs $10

Run along new walls and double jump across new rooftops with Titanfall's Expedition DLC.



After talking about it in patch updates and showing off a spangly video, Respawn Entertainment has said that the Expedition DLC for Titanfall will be released on May 15 for Xbox One and PC. That's tomorrow!

Expedition brings with it three new maps--Swampland, Runoff, and Wargames--and is being sold for $10. It's also included with the $25 Titanfall season pass.

Following Expedition, Respawn Entertainment will release two new map packs, and the developer has said it's also working on a free update that will bring new game modes.

After all that, EA and Respawn Entertainment are showing no signs of slowing down on Titanfall: the publisher and developer have said they will release new Titanfall "experiences" in the future. It looks like the space cannon that fires Titans down onto a planet's surface will be getting plenty of use in the future, then.

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