Titanfall DLC, updates land on Xbox 360 only after Xbox One, PC

The Expedition DLC is coming to Xbox One and PC later this month, but Xbox 360 players will have to wait a little longer.

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Xbox 360 owners had to wait a little longer for Titanfall’s release, and they’re going to have to wait longer for the Expedition DLC pack and free updates as well.

A post to Titanfall’s official website said that Bluepoint, the developer that created the Xbox 360 version of the game, will also work on all future updates. It also explained why updates for the Xbox 360 version will follow behind similar updates for the PC and Xbox One version.

“This timing difference is due to the same reasons that more time was needed to finish Titanfall for the Xbox 360,” publisher Electronic Arts explains. “Respawn must first finish their additions and improvements for the Xbox One and PC, and afterwards Bluepoint can then grab the latest and update the Xbox 360 version.”

At the moment, Bluepoint is working on bringing over the changes already made in the Xbox One and PC Content Update 2. Bluepoint will split the update into two parts, first tweaking the Gooser challenge (which was way too hard to complete in it’s original form), then the rest.

In recent weeks, Respawn has been sharing details about the three maps it’s adding to the game in the first DLC pack, War Games, Runoff, and Swampland. The DLC will be priced at $10, but gamers planning on picking up all three planned DLC packs can opt for a $25 season pass. The Expedition DLC is set to launch later this month.

Electronic Arts also recently announced a new deal that will see it publish new "Titanfall experiences" in the future.

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