Titanfall DLC in planning stages, could "evolve" with players

What post-launch content could be in store for Respawn's upcoming Xbox One, 360, and PC FPS?


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EA executives have spoken about their plans to monetise Titanfall digitally--as in, release post-launch DLC for the game--but added that these plans could "evolve over time" alongside the game's playerbase.

"We're planning extra content already for the product," said EA CEO Andrew Wilson when asked about the company's plans for digital monetisation in Titanfall, "but in the nature of the live service, I think that, that will evolve over time as we see how the player base evolves through the year."

Wilson was speaking as part of EA's Q3 financial call, which took place last night, where Titanfall was a hot topic.

Respawn Entertainment has already ruled out microtransactions for the game, which means, for better or worse, nobody is going to be running about shooting Titans with an assault rifle wrapped in bacon.

Elsewhere in the call, chief operating officer Peter Moore said that EA is yet to discuss its Titanfall plans in full. "We haven't talked at detail about our Titanfall digital strategy," he said, "but you're very familiar already, obviously, with Battlefield 4 Premium. We expect that to be incredibly strong for us as is Battlefield 4 typically as a catalogue title itself. Once we announce Titanfall [digital plans], obviously, you'll have a better understanding what our digital strategy is."

Titanfall will be released for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on March 11.

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