Titanfall Developer Thinking About Free-To-Play, Mobile

Respawn discusses its plans for the future, such as moving into the free-to-play space.


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Following the success of Titanfall, its debut game which has become the best-selling Xbox One game to date, Respawn is looking forward to new projects. Although the studio is staying tight-lipped, it did let slip in an interview with CVG a few details about where it is turning its attention.

Earlier this month, Respawn hired veteran game designer Stig Asmussen. The designer, who worked on the God of War trilogy, is now game director at the Titanfall developer. In the interview, Respawn COO Dusty Welch revealed that Asmussen was not brought on just to help with Titanfall. "I can tell you that part of his role here is thinking about how the studio can expand and where the growth sectors are in free-to-play and mobile," Zampella explained. "Looking at those possibilities is part of what we do."

Respawn is looking to expand in the console space, as well. Although the first Titanfall was only on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, rumors have surfaced that the sequel is in development for the PlayStation 4. Although nothing official has been stated yet, Zampella confirmed that the company is including the PS4 as it plans for the future. "As we go forward," Welch said, "we will of course consider all of the platforms that make sense for our games. So there's nothing in the short term, but certainly PS4 is something we're looking at in the future."

GameSpot thought that Titanfall was great when it came out in March. One DLC pack for the game was released in May and two more will launch soon. A significant patch introducing two game modes and weapon tweaks also has begun rolling out, with the first of the new modes going live today.

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