Titanfall dev: "This has to be perfect"

Respawn producer Drew McCoy says games have "stagnated" in the last few years; believes Titanfall can be "that next awesome thing."


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Titanfall "has to be perfect" after the praise it has received so far, according to Respawn Entertainment producer Drew McCoy. Speaking with MMGN, McCoy said the extended duration of the current generation of consoles has led to "stagnation" and a product like Titanfall is just what's needed to energize gamers.

"It's been eight years since the last generation started, so people are just clamoring for new hardware. New experiences. I think the last few years, games have stagnated a lot. People are holding back their new, big ideas. Gamers feel that. They know that. They’re waiting. All they want is that next awesome thing to grab on to," McCoy said.

"What better time than now? It's like, oh man, we can't screw this up. Especially when we came out of E3 with that sort of great response," he added. "We came out of there really excited, but also realizing, 'Oh man, we can't drop the ball on this.' This has to be perfect."

Titanfall launches on March 11, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. The game is set in the near future and puts players into a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. Parkour-style wall running and double-jumps are featured gameplay elements, along with the clash between pilots and titans.

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