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Titanfall: Dev explains why you can't shoot through walls

"That would just make life suck for Pilots," Respawn says; dev team will consider environmental destruction for future games.

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Titanfall's massive mechs feature powerful arsenals, but don't expect to be able to use their high-power weaponry to root out campers. Respawn Entertainment has confirmed in the game's forums that you won't be able to shoot through walls using the Titans.

"No shooting through walls for this title," a Respawn developer going by the name "scriptacus" said. "It'd take a fair bit of design work to do otherwise, especially with the power of the Titan weapons. From a realistic standpoint you would expect them to be the most effective at penetrating walls, but that would just make life suck for Pilots."

Interestingly, the Respawn developer said shooting through walls will not be supported in this title, suggesting future installments in the series might offer something like that. Whatever the case, the developer said there will be other ways to seek out and eliminate campers.

In the Battlefield series, players can root out enemy soldiers by laying fire on the structure and exposing them. Developer DICE says this kind of environmental destruction keeps matches interesting and engaging. But for Respawn, the studio doesn't see this kind of environmental destruction as opening up new avenues of gameplay.

"Another title having a feature is not the bar by which we justify features," the Respawn developer said. "While I'm acutely aware of the benefits of bullet penetration in the tactical shooter genre, with the way this game plays I'm not sure what sort of design space it would really open up. It's certainly not a feature I find myself missing and I don't even think it qualifies as 'something we would definitely have done if we had the time.' No doubt we'll evaluate it further depending on our next project, but it's definitely not a no brainer."

Titanfall launches on March 11 for Xbox One and PC, while the Xbox 360 version hits March 25. A beta for the multiplayer shooter is planned for Xbox One and PC, though Respawn has not announced when it will begin.

Titanfall is one of 2014's most-anticipated games and is coming exclusively to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC thanks to an exclusive arrangement between Electronic Arts and Microsoft. The game was built by numerous former Call of Duty developers, including Vince Zampella, who cofounded prolific Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward.

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