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Titanfall 2's Time-Traveling MacGuffin Enters The Fray In New Apex Legends Trailer

In the latest animated episode of Apex's ongoing story, the familiar-looking time-travel device takes center stage.


Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval launched, surprisingly, without an actual launch trailer. But just over a week after the new season went live, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has released a new animated short featuring a device that Titanfall 2 players will certainly recognize: the Time Gauntlet, a device that makes a significant appearance in Titanfall 2's Effect and Cause chapter, which is widely regarded as the best part of the game's single-player campaign.

In Effect and Cause, the player takes the Time Gauntlet--a donut-shaped metal disc attached to a glove--and uses it to shift back and forth in time at-will. We've seen the Gauntlet appear in Apex Legends before, when an early prototype of the device appeared to power Loba's teleportation bracelet, and we also saw Horizon eyeing up the one in the Apex Museum in Season 20's launch trailer. But so far, we haven't learned much more about it.

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Now Playing: Apex Legends: Altered Horizons Cinematic Trailer

Since joining the Apex Games, Horizon has had a singular goal: getting back to her son, Newton. Prior to joining the Games, Horizon was left for dead in a black hole by Ash, and though she managed to escape it, she got back to her home on Olympus over 80 years too late. Her son had already grown up, lived a life, and passed away. Horizon now spends every spare second looking for a way to get back to her son and seems to think the Time Gauntlet is the answer. After finally getting her hands on it, she's spent months trying to get it functional, but all her attempts thus far have failed.

In today's trailer (titled Altered Horizons), new Legend Alter appears, interrupting Horizon's work, snatching up the Time Gauntlet, and transporting Horizon, Lifeline, and Mirage through various portals that lead to mysterious dimensions.

Using her ability to open portals, Alter snatches up the Time Gauntlet while Horizon is distracted.
Using her ability to open portals, Alter snatches up the Time Gauntlet while Horizon is distracted.

"They don't believe in you like I do," Alter sneers from her perch atop a guard rail after incapacitating both of Horizon's teammates. "I know what you are capable of."

"I don't know you!" Horizon pleads, clearly confused.

"But I know you," Alter replies with a sinister grin.

Having finally had enough, Horizon begins fighting back.

"Not bad, but you're not as exciting as all the other Mary Somers," Alter teases, confirming she's met various versions of Horizon before, and possibly implying Alter herself could even be a different version of Horizon.

Finally, Horizon gives Alter a swift kick to the tail before drawing her weapon and pointing it at the dimension-hopping enigma's head.

"Now there's the Mary Somers I'm looking for," Alter all but purrs. "I'm not your enemy, Doctor. Newton needs you."

"You wanna make that thing work? I have what you need," Alter explains, referring to the Time Gauntlet, which is now back in Horizon's possession. "If you want it, you know where to find me."

Unfortunately for Horizon, time travel is a risky endeavor. One of Titanfall 2's NPCs is killed while attempting to use the Time Gauntlet.
Unfortunately for Horizon, time travel is a risky endeavor. One of Titanfall 2's NPCs is killed while attempting to use the Time Gauntlet.

Alter produces a calling card featuring the infamous Predator logo--suggesting she may be involved involved with the Mercenary Syndicate--then disappears into her shattered-glass portal, leaving Horizon (and viewers) with countless questions.

When GameSpot spoke to Apex Legends lead writer Ashley Reed earlier this year, she confirmed that a new, Kill Code-esque animated web series was on the way, along with a new villain who "may not be who [players] expect." Respawn has referred to Alter as the franchise's new villain in some of Season 21's promotional material, and after reaching out to the developer, GameSpot received confirmation that this new animated short isn't a late launch trailer. Instead, it's the first episode of the aforementioned animated series, which will seemingly focus on the relationship between Alter and Horizon--and the fate of Titanfall 2's infamous Time Gauntlet.

Will Alter actually help Horizon reach her son? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more Apex Legends news as Season 21: Upheaval progresses.

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