Titanfall 2's Big Live Fire Update Launches This Week

Live Fire mode debuts with this update.


Titanfall 2's next update launches tomorrow, February 23, developer Respawn has announced.

Respawn has already detailed this update in full. Its primary feature is a new game mode called Live Fire, which pits two teams of six against one another in a series of 60-second rounds. The two teams compete to either eliminate all their foes or to be the team holding a neutral flag at the end of those 60 seconds.

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To go along with this mode, the update adds two new maps that are specific to Live Fire. Stacks and Meadow are described as "tight, enclosed death boxes designed specifically for the fast-paced, intense nature of the mode." You can see them in the video above.

This update also introduces a new map for Coliseum mode, a Pilot execution, and a wide variety of balance changes. These include improvements for the holographic decoy and adjustments to specific guns and Titans. You can read more about those changes in the full patch notes.

Respawn recently outlined upcoming content for Titanfall 2, including the return of a Titanfall 1 map in March. Support will continue after that, although any plans for a sequel remain unknown in light of lower-than-expected sales.

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