Titanfall 2 Will Receive Free Angel City DLC Map in December

The remade version of the first Titanfall's Angel City will be available early with preorders.


Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the Angel City map will be available for Titanfall 2's multiplayer mode in December. Angel City was one of the more popular maps in the original Titanfall, and those that purchase the sequel will be able to download the newest version of it for free.

"Fully remastered, Angel City is a map that is near and dear to many of us here at Respawn, and has proven to be a fan favorite since players first got their hands on it in the original Titanfall," the studio said in a blog post. "We can’t wait to see how the community uses all the exciting new Pilot and Titan gameplay mechanics we’re bringing to Titanfall 2 on Angel City."

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Although Angel City will be free for everyone in December, those that preorder any version of the game at any retailer can get access to it three days early. They'll also receive the Nitro Scorch pack featuring a special warpaint and a unique callsign.

In the blog post, Respawn also reaffirmed its intention to make all post-launch maps and modes for Titanfall 2 free.

"This was driven by some things we learned following the release of the original Titanfall, and our desire to build and sustain a vibrant, thriving community that can always play together," it explained. "This means it’ll be easier to play with your friends, not having to worry about who has what map pack or mode because everyone will have them.

After Titanfall 2 has been launched, Respawn intends on offering cosmetic items for purchase as DLC. The studio noted that these "will in no way impact the gameplay."

It continued: "We'll be revealing more details on our post-launch DLC plans, from new maps and modes as well as customization options, in the months ahead."

Titanfall 2's release date has been confirmed as October 28. It will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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