Titanfall 2 Will Be "Worth the Wait," Respawn Boss Says

"I can't say just yet," Vince Zampella says.


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Although Respawn Entertainment is not yet ready to talk specifics about Titanfall 2, co-founder Vince Zampella has now spoken out to tease the project some more.

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"I can't say just yet," Zampella said when asked by Polygon for an update on the project. "I promise that it will be worth the wait."

After months of speculation, Zampella officially confirmed Titanfall 2 in March 2015. The original was exclusive to Xbox and PC, but the sequel could see a multiplatform release, he said at the time. It may also have a single-player mode, though Respawn has not yet nailed anything down.

The first Titanfall has reached more than 10 million players to date, though that doesn't necessarily equate to sales. Publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that Titanfall 2 will arrive in 2016 at the earliest.

In other recent Titanfall news, Respawn has announced a partnership with free-to-play giant Nexon for new Titanfall mobile games, the first of which will launch in 2016 for iOS and Android devices. Little is known, apart from the fact that the first game will not be a first-person shooter. The mobile games are being developed not by Respawn, but rather new LA-based studio Particle City.

In addition to these mobile games and Titanfall 2, Respawn is working on a mysterious non-Titanfall game.

What would you like to see from Titanfall 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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had an xbox one for xmas, so lucky enough to have a ps4 and xbox one now, titanfall was an instant purchase at £6 uk, and i have to say its brilliant, i cant imagine what the hell it was released like to garner such loss in player base because ive been playing it all of 3 days now and its fast, exciting, thrilling, well thought out and just a damn blast to play.

ofcourse im looking at the game now seeing all the improvements and not knowing which parts are improvements because ive not been here before. i really cant imagine how bad and scarce it must have been to lose so many players. i honestly wish i was here from the start, still 2-3 thousand players on a lot of the time so getting a game is not an issue so im still having fun i just feel like im very late to the party.

im also playing forza horizon 2, forza 6, halo 5 (which is slow and nowhere near as thrilling in comparison) and rise of the tomb raider and i can honestly say microsoft has the best exclusives. i will still be buying the cross platform games on ps4 for a bit more performance so i have rainbow 6 etc etc on ps4 but right now im simply having a blast with the xbox one and one of my favourite games is titanfall.

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Loved the free week I had with it despite the technical problems. But there was little point to pay for it when the only games in progress are Team Deathmatch. People won't just enter the other game modes. Between the very light content and the unambituous player base that render 75% of the game unplayable thanks to plain abscence, I'll just bite with a very good, one digit, offer.

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Really liked the first game, hardly played it for some reason. Like most people I suppose. More content would certainly help. Will look out for this one.

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Why would he say anything else? Just like how titanfall 1 was worth the wait?

Avatar image for Steel_Rain777

I'll keep an open mind, but won't be shocked if it turns out mediocre again. Hopefully they don't add micro-transactions( cause it's the thing to do nowadays) to be able to aim down sights or crouch...CRAP ! I just gave them an idea!

Avatar image for johncas89

im probably in the minority for saying this but ill only buy this if it's got a worthwhile campaign mode

Avatar image for tommynj

Love TitanFall and love it better than COD. The difference between the 2 is that Titanfall has devs that know what they are doing.

Avatar image for Wilson09

Titanfall was a fun game with a HUGE lack of content, among other problems.

Avatar image for stoltenberg11

Titanfall 2 is gonna be hype. The first game was much better than people want to give it credit for, but today's group of gamers seem so willing to throw away great fps gameplay for "omg more unlocks I need weapon skinz and emblemz!" I hope Titanfall 2 doesn't dump all the things it did well in the first game in order to throw in unnecessary crap like that to appease the casual gamers. But I think the game will more likely take everything the original did well and add more onto it, which even if that includes adding a bunch of cosmetic clutter I'm fine with if it draws in more people to play the game.

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@stoltenberg11: would like to change class when getting and out of Titian. Remote nuke my Titian. Place my auto Titian in wait mode so he don't shoot at grunts and give away spot while working as a pilot.

Avatar image for Rufus_the_rat

They have to keep reminding people this game exists. The weekly 80% off sales just aren't working any more.

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Eh... the first Titanfall was ok, but the population died so fast in a few weeks that I didn't get the chance to play my money's worth. Pretty short on content. Not really looking forward to the sequel, especially with the recent beautiful but bland shooting games like Star Wars: Battlefront, BO3, and Halo 5, I have really a low expectation for Titanfall 2.

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@valence00: Really? I played it for three months solidly and got to Gen 10 Level 50 (max). My only gripe during that time would be that the additional maps and modes weren't there to begin with. Since then it's still really easy to get a game, so it can't have died off that much.

Avatar image for stoltenberg11

@valence00: Titanfall was a much better shooter than all those game though, sans maybe Halo. I think the only reason Titanfall didn't get a bigger population was because it wasn't already an established shooter in a market that is oversaturated. I assume Titanfall 2 will have more content since that's what everyone complains about, I just hope it isn't an endless array of different guns that all do basically the same thing and clutter up the game.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

Are they talking about the games release or the wait time getting into a match? Because on PC I gave up.

Avatar image for sol_pro

sounds like all the ps4 players still hurt over the fact this it was exclusive to xbox. lmao rage blinds them

Avatar image for 88mikelll

@sol_pro: It was not an exclusive to Xbox, genius, it also came to PC.

Avatar image for beantownsean


Console Exclusive or MS Exclusive...not "exclusive to xbox".

Avatar image for sol_pro

@beantownsean: a wild sony pony appears.

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Cant wait for this game. No reason to ever buy another COD again

Avatar image for chippiez

As if Zampella would say anything different-- like "Titanfall 2 will totally NOT be worth the wait, guys...". Sheesh, Eddie... non-article here, bud.

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

Oh look, Eddie managed to turn a sentence of only 15 words into a full article about absolutely nothing. Click on my friends!

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It will be worth the wait for about 10 mins, then only a handful of pew pew zombies will continue playing.

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Titanfall is an excellent multiplayer game. Got all the weapon and titan challenges completed. They specifically said this was to be a multiplayer-focused game. Not about multiplayer? Keep walking.

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Woohooo loved Titanfall and still p[lay the hell out of it. Will definitely get it again in March or whenever it releases.

Story, this games doesn't need it. Hate that Vinced caved to the ones that wanted it.

Avatar image for bigruss730

@penkowalski: Each to their own I suppose, for me it's the complete opposite, I focus on story driven games, very occasionally I will play a bit of multiplayer, but I find myself getting bored very quickly.

Avatar image for wrestlemaniaw

all that good and stuff but who's waiting for a another shooter??

Avatar image for gamedelay

@wrestlemaniaw: For Titanfall 2 on PS4? I'm waiting for that.

Avatar image for killmoore

WOW! I'm amazed at all the negative comments. I personally love Titanfall. I don't have a lot of time to invest in a game anymore but i still love to play. Titanfall is a game that i can jump in and play a few rounds and go to bed happy that i played! lol.. Seriously though, i find the game play excellent. I too would like to see more of a single player game with a story, for the simple fact they've created a great world. So i'm stoked for Titanfall 2!

Avatar image for chippiez

@killmoore: titanfall was a "good" game. But it didn't live up to the hype, really. And honestly, I don't think it could have, no matter how good it played. People were expecting something as revolutionary as COD4 MP was when it launched. Now it's old and tired, but man-- MW multiplayer was a legit revolution in MP FPS play. Making small refinements to the formula will not give this title the recognition Vince desires. They need to make it fundamentally so awesome-- so new and fresh-- that people are like, "wow"... this is the best game I've ever played MP.

Avatar image for domiddian

@killmoore: You'll probably find that most of the negative comments are coming from PS4 fanboys who are still salty over the fact it didn't release on their platform of choice, even though Titanfall 2 will be on PS4.

Avatar image for penkowalski

@domiddian: That's case, salty PS4 bois. See them say TF2 is one of the best FPS games ever released when it comes out on the PS4. I can already see the flip-flop from these fans.

Avatar image for gamedelay

@penkowalski: No flip-flopping here. Love my PS4, jealous I don't have a machine to run Titanfall. The mobility, mix of bots and live players, and Titan-killing look absolutely brilliant in the first game, can't wait for the second.

Avatar image for penkowalski

@gamedelay: Glad you're not one of those that I mentioned, but there will be a group that will be those flip-floppers.

Cant wait for my PS4 friends to enjoy TF2 as much as I enjoyed TF1.

Avatar image for bobafetthatesu

@penkowalski: You have friends?

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

I'm still waiting for MechWarrior to show up on consoles :'(

Avatar image for BassMan

The first game certainly was not worth the wait. Why should we believe him now?

Avatar image for neowarrior793

well titanfall was not very good, you had a fake storyline (which didnt matter if you won or lost as they where just multiplayer games with cut sences), the AI was just cannon fodder that was easy to pray on and you could get a titan stupidly easly with them, then there was the guns, one of which gave free headsots making skill redundent. at the end of the day it was fun for about a day for most people, then back on COD or BF you went. its a shoddy game it didnt even have destructible environments, so you are in a titan? ill just go inside with the rocket laucher and shoot the feet.

Avatar image for TwinStripeUK

@neowarrior793: In order:





'...were the guns...'




Oh, and 'capitalization' and the fact that you're wrong and it is STILL the most fun shooter I've played this generation...

Apart from that, perfect...

Avatar image for neowarrior793

@TwinStripeUK: OK, first off this was done at my works computer that has a custom browser meaning there's no auto-correct and the fact the comment was typed up in less than a few minutes didn't help.

Secondly, bad spelling does not take away any importance to what I said, the fact that you understood what was typed perfectly fine to the point that you could fix the spelling, means you did not need to fix the spelling in the first place. All that fixing up someone else's spelling does is show you up as pathetic, you think you are "required" to do this when clearly nobody has commented asking for it to be fixed.

Thirdly, this game sucks, everyone knows it and its why nobody plays it anymore, end of.

Fourthly, I am not wrong in any respect, there are plenty of reviews backing up my points and the scores this game got was only better then average. Like I said, fun for a day and back onto COD you go.

lastly if I really wanted to show you up, I can simply edit my original comment, hell i can fix it now if I wished but i'm not going to do that as you will be a shining beacon of a OCD ridden grammar Nazi.

Avatar image for TwinStripeUK

@neowarrior793: Sensitive much?

Firstly, don't be lazy, learn how to spell - no auto-correct on my work browser either. Too many people rely on technology to do the most basic of tasks and it's turning humanity into a race of morons.

Secondly, bad spelling doesn't detract from the importance of your views, but it does serve to cast doubt on it's validity due to that fact that if you haven't thought much about your spelling and grammar, you probably haven't thought much about your point either.

Thirdly, that's your opinion only, and incorrect because it still has a healthy population even now on console (the PC 'elite' gave up when they couldn't get their cheat-bots to work without getting banned).

Fourthly, read points one through three. It currently has aggregate review scores of 85-86, higher than any Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 1 and 2.

Lastly, please, PLEASE reply to this because if there's one thing better than poking a self-righteous idiot 'expert' with a stick, it's waking them up and poking them with a stick again...

Avatar image for neowarrior793

@TwinStripeUK:lol thats not true at all, for starters some of the greatest minds on this planet never even learn't to spell or use grammer. many had really bad forms of dyslexia, so bad that most of the time they stuggled to even put pen to paper. This included people like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, people who will always be imortalised in history. I highly dout you want to question the "validity" of the things they had done, so put the first 2 point up your ass, it means nothing.

Then lets look at the current amount of people playing the game, as you have already shown the pc version is dead which btw is more then half of the total amount of the game sold, this is a game that was also exclusive to xb1, console wise. so more then half of the people who bought this game dropped it in a matter of a few monthes.

finally anyone can find good scores for a game, if you look at anger joes review or yahtzee they slammed this game because of its inherent problems like, lack of an actual storyline, no private matches and the stupidity of the AI bots. more valid and trusted points then random reviews anyone can make up. this was not a good game it was average at best, dont try and make more out it as it really failed.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Titanfall was an excellent game, I loved it. Really looking forward to seeing how they build from the first game.

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

@Archangel3371: Yeah I really enjoyed it as well, unfortunately the PC community disappeared after about a month and it was almost impossible to find a server

Avatar image for jellyman68

@7tizz: People are fake gamers unless they like a mediocre FPS that very few people play in comparison to other titles?

Avatar image for davidsworld3

I forgot titanfall was a thing...oh wait it never was for more than a few weeks at the most. I only played it an hour and shelved it deep enough I haven't seen the case for it since I got the game.

Avatar image for monkey279

@7tizz: I did the same thing bro. Why is this difficult to comprehend

Avatar image for LPDisturbedHU

I'm really excited for this game, and I'm especially happy that PS4 users will get to try it out as well. I really loved the first one so hopefully the second one will be even better!