Titanfall 2 Videos Showcase the New Titans and Their Special Abilities

Meet the six new Titans being introduced in the sequel.


EA has released six trailers for Respawn's Titanfall 2, showing off the new Titans that players will be able to call in to fight by their side. This time around, each of the mechs have distinct styles, unique weapons, and special abilities.

Northstar is described as "a sniper who can fly...a master of both flight and precision kills." Legion uses "an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control." Ronin "loves getting up close with it's samurai vibe" and uses his Phase Shift ability to give him an "in and out" style of gameplay.

Next up is Tone, who is equipped to lay waste to enemies "efficiently and explosively." Ion, meanwhile, uses energy management abilities to shift between three weapons systems. It's equipped with a "devastating laser core that melts everything in its way." Finally, Scorch, as the name suggests, "manipulates fire as its primary source of defensive and offensive abilities.

See them all in action below.

EA has said it believes Titanfall 2 will perform better than its predecessor. According to the company's chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, this is due to the increase number of people with current-gen consoles and the game's multiplatform launch. Unlike the first Titanfall, which was exclusive to Microsoft platforms, the sequel will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

One of the major new additions to Titanfall 2 is a full story-driven campaign.

"Titanfall 2's single-player is crafted to dive deeper into the Titanfall universe, exploring the unique bonds between Pilot and Titan, and taking full advantage of the movement and combat, to deliver a feeling a feeling of being unstoppable together," EA's Devin Bennett previously said said.

Titanfall 2's release date has been confirmed as October 28. Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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