Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition Available Now, Comes With A Bunch Of DLC

Get all the Titanfall 2 content with the Ultimate Edition.

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If you haven't tried out Titanfall 2 yet, then the Ultimate Edition is a good way to jump in. Today, developer Respawn announced this new version, which is a re-release of the game bundled with all of its DLC released so far--and it's available now.

This version of the game is only available digitally and features, among other things, all the content from the Deluxe Edition. This includes Scorch and Ion Prime Titans, Nose Arts, Warpaints, camos, and a callsign.

The Ultimate Edition also comes with the new Jump Start Pack which, as the name suggests, is meant to give new players a boost. It immediately unlocks all Titans and Pilot Tacticals and includes 500 unlock tokens, 10 double XP tokens, and the Underground Warpaint for the R-201 Carbine.

Respawn has released a lot of free gameplay DLC since the game's launch, as well, and owners of any edition of the game get access to it. This DLC includes the recently added Frontier Defense mode.

You can pick up the Ultimate Edition for $40 on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, and Origin. If you're an EA Access subscriber, you can get the Ultimate Edition for $36 on Xbox One. Titanfall 2 just entered the EA and Origin Access Vaults, however, meaning that EA and Origin Access subscribers can play the standard edition for free.

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Avatar image for zerothreenine

I cant copy text from the article to quote it? This site sucks.

"Which is a re-release of the game bundled with all of its dlc released so far"

No it isnt.

This comes with all of the free "dlc" (duh) which are just patches, not dlc.

This has the digital deluxe edition stuff plus a couple camos and an unlocker that gives you all the weapons and titans and stuff like that instantly. Not really sure why you would want to do that personally, and 10 double xp boosts, which you dont need, because you dont have anything to unlock... (except callsign items)

Avatar image for DarkReign2022

Don't be fooled by this. It's nothing but cosmetics. All of the DLC maps and playable content for this game has been released for free.

Avatar image for khanwashere

More campaign content or it never happened.

Avatar image for valgaav_219

Will you be able to pick this up physically?