Titanfall 2's Spectres May Be Coming To Apex Legends In Season 13

In response to something big hitting Storm Point, it looks like The Syndicate is bringing some more firepower to the Apex Games.


The Apex Legends development team has tweeted out another teaser for the battle royale game, seemingly hinting at the introduction of BRD-01 Automated Infantry "Spectres" in Season 13. The mechanical soldiers may be appearing on Storm Point in response to the map being flooded and/or being attacked by something big.

As seen in the tweet embedded below, a security protocol is being activated on a computer on Storm Point. The protocol seems to imply the deployment of special loot bins, weapon racks, and Spectre troop containers to Storm Point--the latter further supported by a holographic picture of a Spectre head in the bottom-right corner of the computer screen.

Spectres are upgraded, militarized MRVN units, often seen fighting alongside Grunts and Pilots in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. More powerful than Grunts, Spectres can prove dangerous when in large numbers and tackled head-on. However, they are slow, making them easy to flank--they can also be hacked to fight alongside you.

Storm Point is the most heavily PvE-focused map in Apex Legends--it features both Prowlers and Spiders throughout--so seeing Spectres join the fray isn't an outlandish idea. Their history as hackable soldiers does pose an interesting possibility though. If Spectres are coming to Apex Legends in Season 13, it's possible that Respawn will design them in a way where they can be recruited to accompany your squad, giving you a leg up when fighting other teams.

So far, we've only seen Spectres in Apex Legends via cinematic trailers--first in the launch trailer for Season 5: Fortune's Favor and then again in Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night. In the latter, they were shown to be far more aggressive and advanced in combat ability than what's seen in the Titanfall games. So Spectres may have gotten a bit of an upgrade in the years since Titanfall 2.

It's looking like Apex Legends Season 13 is kicking off in early May. Based on a giant apparent Apex Legends leak, Newcastle is likely the playable character to be added during the new season--I'm convinced Newcastle is actually Bangalore's brother, Jackson Williams, as Newcastle was teased during Control when the mode returned for a limited time. However, there's been no official word from Respawn regarding Season 13 yet.

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