Titanfall 2 Single-Player Campaign Confirmed, See It In Action

The sequel will have the fan-requested feature, EA confirms in new video.

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Now Playing: Titanfall 2 - Single Player Gameplay Trailer

The 2014 original Titanfall was a highly regarded game, but some were miffed by how the game did not include a single-player campaign mode. Now, EA has confirmed that the sequel, as rumored, will indeed have a campaign.

This was confirmed in a trailer for Titanfall 2 that was accidentally shown when EA published a rehearsal for its pre-E3 show online. EA has since published the video officially.

"Titanfall 2's single-player is crafted to dive deeper into the Titanfall universe, exploring the unique bonds between Pilot and Titan, and taking full advantage of the movement and combat, to deliver a feeling a feeling of being unstoppable together," EA's Devin Bennett said.

The video also confirms that Titanfall 2 will launch on October 28. Additionally, there are a number of Titans shown in the video, one of which is capable of kung fu-like melee combat.

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An earlier report suggested Titanfall 2 would also get a live-action TV show, though this was not mentioned in the video. We'll report back with more details as they're made

EA's E3 2016 briefing begins at 1 PM PDT. GameSpot will host a livestream and liveblog, while we'll also round up all the news and bring you more analysis in the time ahead.

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Avatar image for doubleoaidan

Glad to see there will be a legitimate single-player campaign. I don't really do multiplayer much, so I always look forward to a good story-driven campaign. Titanfall stood out to me as one of a few SF games that wasn't totally over-the-top and unbelievable, and I wish I'd gotten to see more of the universe. Now we get to, and that's great. Really looking forwards to it.

Avatar image for Byshop

So if (according to the developer) Titanfall's lack of a single player campaign was, in fact, our fault (the consumers), does that mean that we get to take credit for Titanfall 2's single player campaign?

It seems only logical, after all.

Avatar image for MR-PERSIANGAMER

thats nice

Avatar image for nintendians

feels like call of duty, but hopefully i play when i decide to buy it.

Avatar image for XCyberForceX

LOL. They titan's voice sounds very close to Optimus Prime!!!

Avatar image for UntraceableHaze

Can't wait. I'm sure we'll get dedicated servers again. Non of that COD P2P crap, and I see it's coming outa around it's release, a lot with battlefield. COD is truly going to have a run for it's money this fall.

Avatar image for lrdfancypants

Is this on a new engine? The graphics look much improved over titanfall 1 to me.

Avatar image for deactivated-57d164ef1c809

I wonder if they'l let you customize the main protagonist; I was surprised COD did it of all FPS franchises and I think it'd be awesome that's done more moving forward like it has for some AAA RPG games for years. It doesn't make sense for certain stories; not saying *every* game needs to this moving forward

Avatar image for battlestreak

Meh. It looks like Transformers, except with more guns. I hate Transformers. But that's just my take on it. So far, the game looks pretty good overall, with really nice color.

Avatar image for h20-xcv

@battlestreak: I agree, although Titanfall sucks and this one just looks like a reboot with some sugar coating added to it.

Avatar image for battlestreak

@h20-xcv: I never played the first game, so I can't really say much for it, but I am hoping for this game to be good, but so far, it doesn't look that good.

Avatar image for h20-xcv

@battlestreak: The original was ok at the beginning but the concept died out quick. I'll pass on this one that is coming out.

Avatar image for alightningboldt

@h20-xcv: says you. I played titanfall over 20 days. It was amazing for people who like competitive multiplayer FPSs.

Avatar image for Intellijosh

This and overwatch should keep me content for the next year by themselves hands down. Friggin awesome

Avatar image for colbster

I see potential.

Avatar image for cboye18

Wait what.....when did E3 start? Damn, just now during the championships :/

Avatar image for Karmazyn

COD trailer was better. I AM NOT FEELING IT YET.

Avatar image for Largeshadow

Horey Sheet!~!

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234

Is this game made on Source 2, if it is Half-Lift 3 will look very similar in terms of graphics.

Avatar image for NTM23

Glad this is in there. I hope it's good and I'm excited to see more. I thought the first Titanfall was a fun, solid game, but as someone that rarely, almost never plays multiplayer games, all I did was play through the lackluster 'story' mode, then maybe two or three normal multiplayer matches, and never played it again. This really is a feature that I want. Something that was also a turn off was that it didn't have splitscreen multiplayer, which is really one of the only ways I'll play MP, so the longevity really wasn't there. How well did Titanfall do? Maybe because it doesn't have the name Call of Duty that it didn't get as much traction from what I understand, but the game is technically as fun or more on the multiplayer side of things. Only one reason, it's because it didn't have a campaign... Ha ha, kidding (maybe?)

Avatar image for sickko

played/enjoyed the first and now we finally get a campaign... count me in

Avatar image for defyg3

Day 1 purchase for me. The first game was like a fresh of breath air in the shooter genre. I still play it here and there to this day. The fact that it will have a single player component, is just icing on the cake for me. Cant wait, looks great!

Avatar image for Prats1993

Oh cool a 4 hour single player campaign that people will play only once and never return to it again while spending 100 hours in the multiplayer, lol. This trailer just confirms how useless having a campaign is for a tightly focused multiplayer shooter. But I guess this will appease the whining imbeciles who requested this feature as a way of somehow justifying $60.

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234

@Prats1993: How you know it is 4 hours long?

Avatar image for stewart24

@Prats1993: ya im sorta with you. Everyone complains about lack of campaign (which is around 6-12 hours long) yet I have spent over 30 days according to TF playing multiplayer. That's 720 hours. So yes a campaign is nice but give me a focused multiplayer any day!

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@stewart24: no, these nclba kids have no competativeness or sense of teamwork.. keep crappy "multiplayer" which requires the least effort to develope and give is long, compelling campaigns..

Avatar image for Barighm

@stewart24: I could have lived without the singleplayer, but I don't care for the pilot combat. Just your usual CoD stuff with parkour. All I want is the mech combat. Was there ever a mechs only playlist? I'd play that.

Avatar image for stewart24

@Barighm: ya it was called last titan standing. The modes been with the game since day one.

Avatar image for acepedro12

Protocol 4: [CLASSIFIED]

Avatar image for lunchbox2042

Wasn't this the company who told us single player campaigns were a thing of the past since most people only play online?

Avatar image for Barighm

@lunchbox2042: I think they said singleplayer was a waste of resources because it consumes so much, but ultimately isn't played more than the multiplayer.

Avatar image for Drkoolbeanz

@Barighm: Single player is a waste of resources. But then they release a game without even placing effort into a campaign at the same price as a normal game that includes both. Lame.

Avatar image for deactivated-57d164ef1c809

@Drkoolbeanz: Singleplayer being a waste is subjective and it always depends on execution. Halo and Half-Life wouldn't be what they are without great SP execution, and so on… Halo 5 Multiplayer is seen as being very good relative to the franchise, but its crappy SP relative to the other games in the series offsets that.

Furthermore, the true problem with TitanFalll was pricing it $60 as a MP-only game but having out-of-the-box not that many maps that was very comparative to FPS games with a campaign *and* multiplayer.

Many felt if it's going to be a MP-only game, it should be obvious that you have much more maps and variety out of the box than games that do both. TitanFall didn't do that. So the value was very questionable.

Avatar image for turretx7

**** U COMMERCIALS! game looks good tho.

Avatar image for aegis_kleais

Looks neat and all, but it's EA, so it's Origin-only, so it's no sale. Sans the more humanistic movement, kind of makes me pine for a good MechWarrior game. MWO is a sellout. Hopefully there's a resurgence of Mecha-related titles. I love mechanized warfare.

Avatar image for sickko

@aegis_kleais: origin ain't uplay my friend... things got better, yes it's not steam but atm the client does it's job right!

Avatar image for defyg3

@aegis_kleais: What does saying "it'sOrigin-only" even mean? I have been using Origin for a while now and get free games and never had any issues with installs or whatever. Its EA's Steam and it works fine. It might of been "cool" to hate on it when it first came out, well because the evil EA right? But its a mature service now, so you sound pretty ignorant making that statement.

Avatar image for aegis_kleais

@defyg3: I'm not saying it isn't a solid platform. Yes, Steam was just as wonky when it came out. But the only one here who is ignorant is yourself, because you've just made an assumption about why I'm refusing to do business with EA.

Steam (nor uPlay) does not go around buying up developers and then forcing not only people to go through 1 marketplace to play it, but in effect, does the developer a disservice by limiting how much profit they can make in doing so simply to bolster it's service use. That's heavy-handed. I am not refusing to do business for any sake of being 'cool'. It's about principle. My loss of business won't make one drop in the bucket to them. Only I am the person who is left to "suffer" without the game that I'd like to play. But if you just talk a game about principles and don't stand behind your own words, what worth do you have? I'm sure Origin works fine. But I'm not going to be forced into use of something like that, and I feel bad for the developers who cannot just kickstart their own campaigns to get the publishing they need, as they are more deserving of their game's profit than the publisher is.

Avatar image for deactivated-58aa7e27264a0

@defyg3: Ding! Ding! Ding! The service is absolutely fine in my opinion. I guess it's just cool to hate EA and Origin still?

Avatar image for Barighm

@IIIMatricksIII: You mean the people who shit on Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dead Space, and Battlefront? Damn right it's cool to hate on them.

Avatar image for deactivated-58aa7e27264a0

@Barighm: You mean the games I've gotten hundreds of hours of entertainment from (minus SW: Battlefront)? Okay then.

Avatar image for defyg3

@IIIMatricksIII: Yeah, its still cool to hate on them. But to be honest, its old now and not funny anymore. Origin works fine and like you have I gotten many hours of entertainment as well!

Avatar image for deactivated-59ed237d0261a

@aegis_kleais: At least it's not a Windows Store exclusive. That would be an instant no from me.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Awesome! I really enjoy the first game so I'm definitely onboard for this one.

Avatar image for Michformer

Really digging the pilot-robot bond that was hinted at in the trailer. Getting some Tetsujin 28-go vibes out of it, and makes me yearn for another Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (whose praises I sang in the past via the linked article). Frankly, if we could get another game like that in the same vein as the Doom and Shadow Warrior reboots, you’d have the perfect FPS.



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