Titanfall 2 Has Single-Player Campaign, TV Spinoff Show in the Works - Report

Multiplatform sequel will reportedly have scenes involving magic but will remain "grounded and dirty and human and real."


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Lots of new details about Titanfall 2 have come to light, thanks to an interview lead writer Jesse Stern recently gave to Forbes. In the interview, Stern, who also worked on the first game, says the game will have a single-player campaign (the first did not) and reveals that a TV spinoff show is in the works at Lionsgate.

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Stern says Respawn Entertainment began development on Titanfall 2 in late 2014, but he wasn't sure if the game will launch later this year or early next year. For its part, EA has confirmed Titanfall 2 is scheduled to arrive in its fiscal 2017, which runs April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

The writer also says the multiplayer in Titanfall 2 will be "even better," adding that he thinks the game will see a multiplatform release as it's been previously suggested. The first game was only available on Xbox consoles and PC.

Stern went on to say that because the first Titanfall didn't have a proper story mode, players didn't get all the answers they were looking for.

"One of the shortcomings of the first game was we just did not have the mechanism to tell everyone 'Here's who you are, here's where you are and who's around you,'" Stern said. "We knew all the answers, we just could not deliver it."

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The story for Titanfall 2 will focus on "grand colonial warfare" that basically equates to a retelling of the American Revolution and the America Civil War, but in space, Stern said.

"We imagined the next generation of immigrants moving out to the new frontier of an inhabitable planet," he said. "Rather than taking a traditional sci-fi approach to that we wanted to look at how that would happen practically, what the ships would look like and with machines that were designed for excavation and construction , demolition and working the land, and what happens when they are turned into instruments of war. What inspires us is the junction of technological advancement with the inevitability of conflict and war and what the next war might look like. In Titanfall 2 there will be a lot of [scenes] where science meets magic, but keeping it grounded and dirty and human and real."

Also in the interview, Stern reveals that a Titanfall spinoff TV show is in the works with Lionsgate TV, the television arm of the Hunger Games production company. Stern worked as a writer on NCIS for five seasons and a pair of pilots that didn't materialize.

Details are light on the Titanfall TV show, and it sounds like early days for it overall. Stern cautions that such a project "would be very expensive," in part because of the source material. "We are trying to find a way to tell a story in the worlds we want to be in and produce in the TV model," he said.

Be sure to read the full Forbes story for more on Titanfall 2 and the TV show.

Stern also worked on popular Call of Duty games including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Those games were developed by Infinity Ward, which was founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella. They went on to establish Respawn Entertainment after a falling out with Activision.

What do you make of these Titanfall 2 details? Let us know in the comments below!

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Titanfall is an excellent, fresh, high skill cap game that could become one of the most exciting fps to watch in competitive landscape. Just glance at the likes of warspirituk or frothy omen effortlessly flying over different maps with incredible speed securing close to impossible kills. After playing over 900 hours I still regularly come back to it as no other fps requires as much focus, spatial awareness and movement rhythm as Titanfall does. A small community of highly skilled players still battles together in adrenaline pumping, sweat inducing style.

The problem with Titanfall is not the absence of Single Player campaign but the lack of long-term vision catering to competitive community. The gen-leveling system is great way to encourage players to learn various play styles, but there is no reasonable follow up after you reach Gen-10. The ranked system is a watered-down version of ladder with limited appeal.

Any kind of new content (sponsored tournaments, brawl-type of rotating events, speed runs, twitch streaming community, new titans) would keep the game alive for much longer and I hope Titanfall 2 will focus on that.

Avatar image for smokerob79

why do companies like EA not get it in their heads the game sucks??? it was 20 dollar after 6 months......do games that did well drop that much in price???.....the sad part of all of it is the fact that games like hawken are better but only on PC......if they can get planet side 2 up and running on consoles they should do the real games and let this one DIE

Avatar image for 93ChevyNut

Magic? Trying to throw some Destiny in with the new TitanFall?

Avatar image for Byshop

If the lack of a single player campaign in TF1 was "our fault", does that mean gamers as a group can take credit for the TF2 now including a single player campaign?

Avatar image for battlestreak

Excited for single player, not so much for spin off show.

I'm assuming this will release on PS4 this time?

Avatar image for BigPrimeNumbers

Single player is exactly what the first game was missing. Multiplayer was a fun time, but without a meaty campaign, it felt like something was missing. This series is fallow ground for a good single player romp.

Avatar image for Evil_Sidekick

I said it, before the first was even released, that the second one would have SP. At least now i can think about getting it or not, the first....i don't play online-only crap...it's against my religion.

Avatar image for Byshop

@Evil_Sidekick: Offlineatarian?

Avatar image for chris91090

The multiplayer better not suffer due to a campaign, or I'm going to be disappointed.

Avatar image for thomasn7

Oh hell yeah can't wait. I'm a Titanfall fan.

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

No thanks the first game was boring enough to know that I won't be touching this pile of shit single player or not.

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

@rogerthat1945: Why does that make Titanfall a good game? By that logic EVERY game should be amazing because I'm not a developer.

Criticism of trash franchises is the only way we get progress. If dumb asses like you would understand that and actually grow a spine instead of just following the horde like a zombie the industry would be more diverse and better for it. Instead of simply being raped for every penny like it is currently by EA, Activision and Ubisoft.

Avatar image for e3man01

This was a glaring omission from TF. There hadn't been a large population of MP only games on 360/PS3; Blink, Defiance and BO3 come to mind. This will be a welcome edition at 1080p on the 4 and 900p on the One. Not trolling but let's be honest, that's probably the scenario or 900p for both.

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

Single Player at last


Avatar image for SavageEvil

Science magic, sounds a lot like Asgard and all it's magic/science. Let's hope there is a cracking single player mode with couch co-op from the off. I enjoy me some SP as I tend to get bored in PvP when the buds aren't around.

Avatar image for davidsworld3

Nope not gonna bother, just about every game this so called next gen has delivered was mostly a farming simulator, crap short campaigns or dreadful controls.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

A SP mode for the whiny introverts I get but Magic? That'd be like putting magic in Firefly. It just doesn't belong. Almost as stupid as healing grenades in The Division. Lame

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

@Gravity_Slave: Your stupid has reached levels even I thought you weren't capable of.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Avatar image for johncas89

@Gravity_Slave: lol so playing a video game these days with immersive, sp story mode makes you an introvert now? How simple your mind must be.

Avatar image for veldi

@Gravity_Slave: Yeah, screw introverts and their nonsensical enjoyment of single player campaigns. Much better to listen to a grown ass man yelling at his mom to make him a sandwich.

Now see how ridiculous that statement was ? That's you. Stop being ridiculous. Stop it. No. Bad dog.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Best MP shooter this gen so far. Looking forward to the second one.

Avatar image for davidsworld3

@Shantmaster_K: Thats not what the numbers say. After one month the populations already mostly left.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

@davidsworld3: it lasted longer than a month. If you actually take a look at the game compared to others, it was something fresh and new and well balanced. Something that we don't see much of anymore.

Avatar image for SavageEvil

@Shantmaster_K: It's not really around now is it? Far better games are actually being played much more than this and that is fact.

Avatar image for clyderobsemall

@SavageEvil: I still play this game on my Xbox One and the most people I've seen on recently is about 10,000. That's GREAT for a 2 year old exclusive, despite what the numbers say.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

@SavageEvil: it's been out for two years now and still being played. You can easily find games. Fact

Avatar image for GT_APE

I almost skipped right over this but then scrolled back up to do a double-take. I totally ignored the first one but now that I see single player = I'm interested.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave


So you get 9-12 hours out of a SP campaign...then what? Is MP really that intimidating for you guys?

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

@Gravity_Slave: Are you such a fucking Ape Brain that you think multiplayer is the only thing to do in video games? What are you, 12?

When did you start gaming, five years ago?

You would have committed suicide in the 80's and 90's.

Off with his head.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a4e0e5a9e5e5

@TheWatcher000 that was hilarious, thanks man. Who are these Multiplayer only toads ?

Avatar image for wookiegr

@Gravity_Slave: 9-12 hours of an entirely new experience and story. Not 9-10 hours of the same 10 minute battle.

Avatar image for GT_APE

@Gravity_Slave: Not sure why you'd assume I'm "intimidated" by MP. It just bores me. Same handful of maps over and over. I used to play MP a lot (I was playing the shit out of Counter Strike when it first came out. Hell, I used to play the original Duke Nukem 3D MP (really dating myself here)). Anyway, I like the immersion and entertainment of a story.

BTW, if the SP is only 9-12 hours, I don't think that's worth the $60 purchase price.

Avatar image for SavageEvil

@Gravity_Slave: No some folks like to play a game where there is something for those who aren't all fussed about PvP play all day, that does get freaking boring you know. You get the same type of player online, good at the game, not so good and players who cheat at every opportunity(camping,taking advantages of bugs of flaws, etc).

Avatar image for chris91090


Respawn clearly said their focus with the game was multiplayer. It's not our fault people don't do their research and become disappointed. Might as well start (or keep) asking for a single player campaign for League of Legends (another multiplayer-centric game).

Avatar image for kamikaz_e

@chris91090: League of Legends is free-to-play Titanfall isn't.. But don't get me wrong, you're right the thing is when people pay 60-70$ (over here games cost the equivalent to 80$) for a game they always expect to have an alternative not just MP or SP..

Avatar image for chris91090

@kamikaz_e: LoL is free to play but has microtransactions, Titanfall was $60 and that's it. I guess it's pick your flavor

the only thing i can say then is to do an extensive review before buying. Respawn cant be held responsible for territory fees and taxes, so people in those areas need to see if a game is worth it for them, or i suppose move....

Avatar image for donjuancorleone

As a PS4 owner im excited to play this

Avatar image for NTM23

Good. I'm excited about the fact they're putting in a campaign with this one.

Avatar image for tmajamaki

Very excited for a sequel, Titanfall still has the most fun fluid and mobile gameplay of any multiplayer game. But not so sure about putting energy into a tv show.

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

The story in Titanfall was perfectly fine, but the fact you could only play it if there were other people to play with really killed it.

Avatar image for xcrimsonxsynx

Would be nice to see a prequel story of some sort to setup the first games story leading into what would eventually be Titanfall 2 story. A tv show might help get some of that across.

Avatar image for cboye18

I'd much rather have a Pacific Rim -inspired game than another COD clone with mechs. Where's the creativity left?

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

@cboye18: lol seriously? You just recommended they rip Pacific Rim off and then whined about creativity.

Avatar image for SavageEvil

@Gravity_Slave: Logic does not always exist