Titan Quest expansion, new Juiced and MX games on the way

THQ lays out plans to investors, names projects to get in-game ads, appraises Saints Row downloadable content.


In a conference call with analysts and investors today, THQ execs addressed a number of issues, from THQ's plans for in-game advertising to its future plans to capitalize on its popular franchises.

Specifically, the company confirmed the continuation of its Juiced, MX, and Titan Quest series, with new games for the prior two properties and an expansion pack for the third. No details were given about the games outside of release windows. The Titan Quest expansion is expected to arrive between January and March 2007, while Juiced and MX will be released sometime after March 2007.

THQ is also embracing a number of industry trends in the form of downloadable content and in-game advertising. The publisher has already released downloadable content for The Outfit and Saints Row, saying that the latter game's Funky Fresh Pack has racked up 50,000 paid sales already, representing 10 percent of the customers who have gone online with the game. On the ad front, THQ will incorporate in-game ads into three of its upcoming titles: the new Juiced and MX games, as well as the next-gen Stuntman sequel.

The publisher was even vaguer about its other plans. It said that it was looking at making Wii-exclusive games but had nothing to announce yet. When asked about the next step for the Saints Row franchise, one exec said THQ wasn't ready to announce that, but it would likely be addressed in the next conference call. Finally, the publisher acknowledged plans "to leverage and extend" the Saints Row and Company of Heroes brands "for years to come."

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