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Tired Of Waiting For Vampire: Bloodlines 2? Paradox Will Give You A Refund

Publisher Paradox Interactive will have more to say about Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 in September.


It has been a rocky development cycle for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, and after months of silence, the game has risen from its crypts with a fresh update, new screenshots, and even a refund offer. Paradox Interactive posted a new message for fans to address the long-in-development sequel to Troika Games' cult-classic, and the publisher says that it'll reveal more Bloodlines 2 content in September.

"It’s been quite a while between updates while we’ve had our heads down working on the game," Paradox said. "We remain just as dedicated to delivering a great Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game as we were when we announced, and are looking forward to showing you more in September this year."

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Paradox acknowledged that it has been a "long time" since people had preordered the game, and with it planning to update the game's editions and bonus content, it is prepared to offer refunds for physical and digital editions of Bloodlines 2. "We are proactively refunding all preorders of physical products, including the Collector's Edition. The digital versions of the First Blood Edition, Unsanctioned Edition, and Blood Moon Edition remain, but can be refunded if you choose," Paradox said.

A grand total of five new screenshots for the post-alpha version game have been released, which are all focused on the environments and atmosphere of Bloodlines 2. These include neon-lit streets, a fancy bar, and a very serene temple.

Level design is branching out.
Level design is branching out.

Bloodlines 2 initially looked to be set for a 2020 release, but the game was first delayed to an unspecified point in 2020, then again to 2021, and was finally delayed indefinitely back in 2021. Developer Hardsuit Labs was taken off the project, and Bloodlines 2 was reportedly on the verge of being canceled before it was saved from the chopping block. Development has continued on Bloodlines 2 since then, but the actual studio responsible for the game remains a mystery.

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