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All registrants level 5 or up can now create a topic in the Ask GameSpot forum!


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Starting today, all free registrants level 5 or up can create a topic in the Ask GameSpot forum. We figured it was about time to share some of the things that may cause an editor or video producer to answer your questions!

- Controversy: Who would have thought, right? Well, if you find topics in the game industry that may cause our editors to think, maybe they'll answer your question in the forum.

- Technology: If there’s anything we hear our editors and video producers talk about, it’s about the latest technology. We may not have a dedicated hardware editor but all of our staff keep up with the trends and news around technology and gaming.

- Industry Trends: Game distribution has changed a great deal in the past few years so if you have questions about our content or other related industry trends, that’s a good question to ask the editors.

- Medium Crossover: We see it all of the time, films about a popular game, actual game merchandise or perhaps you know of a television show that showcased a game? Any of this is often fun for the editors to consider in features, so maybe this is another topic worth sharing!

- Video content of all kinds: We have a variety of video producers that enjoy seeing your questions that they can answer. If you have a question about a show, video content, or a livestream ask away! Especially around the times we’re doing coverage of live events!

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