Tiny Metal And Wargroove Crossover Stars A Very Good Boy

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble and Wargroove are joining forces for a free crossover DLC event.


Nintendo has shown no interest in developing a new Advance Wars over the last several years and the spiritual successors Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble and Wargroove helped to fill the same niche with demanding and charming tactical gameplay. It's only fitting that the two games would join forces for a crossover event, and it features a very good boy.

Beginning March 12, Wargroove's dog commander Caesar will be available in Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble as a free DLC campaign. Caesar's Rescue stars the canine commander as well as Tiny Metal's Nora as they work to return Caesar to the Cherrystone kingdom. The world itself has even been changed to more resemble Wargroove's art style, and you'll find yourself motivated to fight as hard as possible with such a fluffy buddy at your side.

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is the bigger sequel to the original game, with a military theme that is close to Advance Wars. Wargroove uses more fantasy elements but its gameplay and tactical systems were clearly inspired by Advance Wars rather than Intelligent Systems' other strategy role-playing series, Fire Emblem.

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Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Wargroove is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and the game's free DLC Double Trouble added more playable commanders, two new units and a new cooperative-compatible campaign. Chris Pereira was quite fond of Wargroove, calling it a "terrific strategy game" in GameSpot's Wargroove review.

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