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TimTheTatman's Operator Bundle Removed From CoD At His Own Request

The streamer requested to have his Operator skin removed "in support" of Nickmercs.

Following streamer Nickmercs' anti-LGBTQ tweet that subsequently led to the removal of his Operator skin from Call of Duty, fellow content creator TimTheTatman has requested his in-game Operator bundle be removed. Activision has obliged.

“At Tim’s request, we have removed the TimTheTatman operator bundle from the Modern Warfare II and the Warzone store,“ an Activision spokesperson confirmed to GameSpot. The Operator skins' blog post on the Call of Duty website has also been pulled.

Nickmercs and TimTheTatman both recently had their likenesses used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, with each streamer getting their own Operator skins.

"It feels wrong for me to have mine and him no longer have his. In support of my friend, please remove the Timthetatman bundle," Tim tweeted to Activision recently, in support of Nickmercs.

After the removal of Nickmercs' Operator skin from the game, TimTheTatman made a comment about the situation during a stream. "I truly do not think he meant to hurt anyone with what he said," in reference to Nickmercs' controversial tweet. However, Nickmercs has yet to remove the anti-LGBTQ tweet.

Players who have already purchased either bundle will still have access to them--they just won't be available to buy from the in-game store going forward.

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