TimeSplitters Still Beloved By Its Devs; Sequel Hasn't Been Ruled Out

TimeSplitters 4 was in the works at one point, and even today, Crytek UK's staff is enthusiastic about revisiting the series.


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Ask shooter fans what FPS series they'd like to see make a comeback, and there's a good chance that TimeSplitters' name will come up. The developer responsible for the series still has "a lot of love for it" and its staff is interested in making a follow-up, but unfortunately that doesn't mean a new TimeSplitters is imminent--and there are also the reported issues the studio has suffered of late to consider.

"You would not believe the amount of times people ask for Timesplitters," Crytek UK animator Mark Jackson told Official Xbox Magazine at the Develop conference last week. "I couldn't really comment, but there's a lot of love for it at the studio. I can't really say much more than that."

Crytek UK is the former Free Radical Design, developer of the first three games in the TimeSplitters series. It's also the studio that, in 2007, revealed that it was working on TimeSplitters 4, a project that would never emerge. Instead, Free Radical worked on a new IP in Haze before filing for bankruptcy and then being saved by Crytek, which renamed the studio 'Crytek UK.' In 2012, Crytek confirmed that TimeSplitters 4 was not in development, though it wasn't for lack of effort--Free Radical founder Steve Ellis said publishers simply weren't interested in it.

Halo's Master Chief: Actually a monkey?
Halo's Master Chief: Actually a monkey?

Despite that, there remains passion for the series among the staff at Crytek UK. Asked if the prospect of a new TimeSplitters was dead, Jackson told OXM, "God no! Like I say, in the studio it's held very dear. It's just waiting for the right situations and deals to be done. I'm not privy to that, but from everybody working at the studio--everyone, whenever we say what would you like to do next, it's TimeSplitters.

"So yeah, there's a lot of love for it. But I couldn't say where that goes, or who pulls the strings to make that happen, or when it would happen, but it's certainly not something that people dismiss."

TimeSplitters made a mark on many gamers not only by being a solid first-person shooter--Free Radical's staff included former Rare staffers who worked on GoldenEye and Perfect Dark--but also with its quirky humor. The absurdity of featuring monkeys in the game (including the one seen in the TimeSplitters 4 teaser image above), combined with time travel helped TimeSplitters to stand apart.

Crytek UK is currently at work on Homefront: The Revolution, though it has reportedly been dealing with serious issues of late, including staff not being paid. This is said to have resulted in a number of employees leaving the studio, including Revolution director Hasit Zala. What effect this reported exodus will have on the prospect of a new TimeSplitters is currently unclear.

Whatever may happen in terms of an official project, fans have taken it upon themselves to craft a revival of the series, known as TimeSplitters Rewind. The volunteer-led project landed on Steam Greenlight last year after receiving the blessing of Crytek, which owns the TimeSplitters IP. The multiplayer-centric game will feature parts of past TimeSplitters games and is not yet playable by the public, although it remains in development as of earlier this year.

If a new TimeSplitters game does eventually happen, what would you like to see from it? Let us know in the comments.

Story updated to clarify the timeline of Haze's development.

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Avatar image for sl1m_bigboi

The employees are unsatisfied working there. Lots of failed projects with no pay. In order for the Timesplitters Series to be rebooted: they need money to stabilize the project in a whole. We still have three other excellent games to play in the series. If this becomes official; A DREAM COME TRUE.

Avatar image for Litchie

One of the best FPS series of all time. Another one needs to happen!

Avatar image for the_conjuration

Oh Timesplitters...the memories. Between it and Halo 2, it defined that generation of video games for me.

Avatar image for Stogin

Sweet jesus I wish they'd make a new Timesplitters game!!!

Avatar image for falcon11

Timesplitters 2 best ps2 shooter of all time! Friends and I still love the shift out of these! We reference the awards and use them in everyday life. :)

Avatar image for NTM23

Timesplitters... TIMESPLITTERS! Great games that I had spent many hours in, by myself, and with friends and siblings (except for the first, which wasn't much of anything to me).

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

Like it how the release year is 2098

Avatar image for Kevin-V

I'd rather Crytek pay its employees before leaping into Timesplitters. :(

Avatar image for NTM23

<< LINK REMOVED >> If they make Timesplitters, and a bunch of people buy it, then maybe they can (actually, I don't know).

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm pretty sure everybody wants that for any job :)

Avatar image for DARREN636


The king!!!!

Avatar image for DARREN636

4 of us used to get together at the wekends for hours of friend killing fun. Great times.

Time splitters for ever.

Avatar image for Takeno456

TimeSplitters is one of my favourite series ever. I enjoyed those games way more then any modern shooter I have played. I hope if they do make the 4th game they make it right and not put the modern BS spin into it. Please no micro transactions, online only, bad servers, online passes or bad post launch support. Also extend a hand to split screen play. Some of my fondest video game memories were playing TS2 for hours on end with 3 of my friends. 4 player split screen is a must for any TimeSplitters game. Either do it right or let its name stay untarnished and don't do it at all.

Avatar image for 95mike

I remember spending hours and hours on the time splitters 2 challenges. I had all platinum and one gold trophy. That game was interesting, fun, solid gameplay, lots to unlock, you could create your own maps, and the single player was kind of a cool montage of stories throughout history. I would love to see a new or at least an hd remake so I don't have to hook up my ps2 or gamecube.

Avatar image for Malaphisis

whats the hold up?

Avatar image for Malaphisis


Avatar image for t3ero2zero

<< LINK REMOVED >> ha ha haze what happend to that ?? it was set to be a halo killer!!

Avatar image for Malaphisis

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> dude, korn?

Avatar image for t3ero2zero

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> oh yeah it was a game from 2008"Haze" is a song by American rock band Korn, written and recorded for the Ubisoft video game Haze wikipedia

Avatar image for brok

All I want in another Timesplitters is for the older games (or at least 3 and 2) to be bundled in. That way, Crytek can go ahead and churn out a graphically stunning but absolutely gameplay turd of a game like all their others, and we will still at least be able to replay the classic Timesplitters experience once again.

Avatar image for gokartmozart89

No one asked for a Homefront sequel. GIVE US TIMESPLITTERS.

Meanwhile, member of the dev team are screaming "GIVE US OUR PAYCHECKS." Crytek is a mess. Instead of working on crap like Warface and Ryse they should have delivered the Timesplitters game that we've been waiting for. Then they might have had some recent financial success with which to pay their employees.

Avatar image for ArchoNils2

I love Time Splitters and I would get it day 1 even if it is worse than 3 (IMO the worst title in the series). It's just great to see a FPS who doesn't try to be some serious greybrown shooter. Instead I remember all the fun I had with friends and all the modes we made by outselves thanks to the many options. Like human players vs. (more) cpu controlled snowmans with the only weapon being the flamethrower. Or the same settings with zombies and arrows only :D

Btw I actually own Time Splitters 2 two times as I am afraid one might stop working :O

Avatar image for robotopbuddy

<< LINK REMOVED >> TimeSplitters 2 is one of the exceptionally few games I have 2 copies of as well, amazingly both copies still work even today (sadly can't say the same for my only copy of Disgaea 2). I think TS: Future Perfect is the only one I never got all the trophies, etc for. It wasn't bad by any means...but I just preferred TS2 in the end. TS2 is probably my most played FPS game even today though, so that's not saying all that much.

If only I could set up offline multiplayer games with a bunch of players as easily as I could back then, online multi-player lacks the same charm as playing with people right next to you. The reactions you get to see are just priceless at times.

Honestly, I'm not even really into FPS games (at least not the typical ones like MoH/CoD/BF/etc), but TimeSplitters, the 1st 2 in particular, are games that I adore nonetheless.

Avatar image for ArchoNils2

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Now I am afraid to check my Disgaea 2 copy :S I got the PSP port on disc and as download, so I played on my portables. I can identify with everything you said, TS2 is my fav. FPS of all time, with a huge gap to the next one and I miss local mp as well. Even the games that do it come nowhere close to how much TS2 offered

Avatar image for stuff238

Love Timesplitters. It was the closest thing to actual Goldeneye sequels in the PS2 era. Make it play like the old games and I am sold.

Avatar image for Fieds

I normally don't like shooters but Timesplitters was actually fun. This game needs to be made, or at least a HD remake for next-gen.

Avatar image for tjkraz

Been so long I don't even remember what I liked about the Timesplitters games. I DO remember they had split screen co-op and they were fun! Guess that's all that matters.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

<< LINK REMOVED >> It was the last great game after GoldenEye to play split-screen co-op and multiplayer. Not only that, but the story was also pretty cool visiting different time periods with weapons specifically from that time period. Although the multiplayer still ranked the best of any game I've played......it was just straight up fun. It also had a lot of characters you could unlock, not to mention the ability to create your own maps-- problem is memory was limited on the old consoles so you could only create so much, but it was still awesome.

Avatar image for gokartmozart89

<< LINK REMOVED >> Split screen, lots of bots (this was before online console gaming really took off), cool maps, cooler guns (and sticky mines for kamikazes!), dual wielding, and monkeys.

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

My first project in any Timesplitters was to remake the Facility from Goldeneye.

Avatar image for BlackBaldwin

Still have future perfect on my xbox my favorite ip of that gen!

Avatar image for fredyellowone

Start by making an HD remake of the 2nd one.

Avatar image for Orga777

Yes please! Time Splitters is the freaking BEST! No shooter can compare in the insanity that is Time Splitters!

Avatar image for Fartman7998

Timesplitters: Future Perfect was such an awesome and hilarious game. I still have great memories of the multiplayer and the level creator, I would spend whole afternoons in the level creator creating story missions for my little brother. It was incredible, please make another one!

Avatar image for halo1399

Man I would love to see another Timesplitters. So tired of the recycled military shooters that take themselves so seriously. Timesplitters 2 is the greatest FPS ever in my opinion.

Avatar image for Henninger

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm not gonna go as far as to call it the best FPS ever but if it isn't in the top 5 @ the very least, then that person who thinks that is young, dumb, or just doesn't like FPS'. Timesplitters 2 was an amazing game. It's def in my top 5 & you could make a great case for it for the best of all time.

Avatar image for Crazyguy105

I hate that they say the "devs".

Crytek UK is not Free Radical, and never will be. The original TimeSplitters creator and programmers are long gone.

As much as I absolutely adored TimeSplitters 2, I think leaving it alone is the best choice. Nobody except Free Radical can make another one.

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

@Crazyguy105 You hear that?

That's the sound of my heart being stomped on by your comment.

Edit: And by the way, 2 of 3 of the head programmers of Timespitters 2 (the 3rd left before Timesplitters 3 was even made I believe) are still working at Crytek UK. They aren't long gone.

Avatar image for Too-DementeD

My all time favorite shooting game, even more-so than Goldeneye on N64. I've been wanting them to make a new one for WHO KNOWS how many years. As for something I want to see make a return... Well, the Virus gamemode was extremely fun, so that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Avatar image for t3ero2zero

@Too-DementeD they did re-make goldeneye called goldeneye reloaded it was on all of platforms and it sucked 6.5/10
releasted 2010

Avatar image for Barighm

This game would rock in the online multiplayer era. Heck, it did pretty well without. Clearly publishers can't make the connection between "successful without online" and "imagine if we brought it online?". Maybe try Kickstarter?

I could say the same of Champions of Norrath, but that's even less likely.

Avatar image for Miroku_of_Nite1

<< LINK REMOVED >> Both of those games would be awesome.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

Maybe they should approach Nintendo? They seem to be into reviving dead franchises lately(unfortunately only from Japan so far).

Avatar image for bahldark

one of my favorites on ps2

Avatar image for Poodger

Timesplitters WAS and still IS, the best multiplayer FPS experience in the industry. The only thing I wanted back in the day was to be able to play it on the PC instead, and with Timesplitters Rewind (hopefully completed soon) I get that wish. This series truly was the absolute pinnacle of FPS gaming.

Avatar image for Jenkar

I played these games for hours on end with my friends from the hood as a wee lad. If only I could recapture that beautifully humorous storyline and excellent level editor... Oh, those were the days.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

I wish Zenimax had bought these guys....would have been a better fit I think....

At least then we would have seen more Timesplitters...it's a crime that the series stopped at 3.......

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