TimeSplitters 4 not in development - Report

Crytek's dormant first-person shooter series not coming back anytime soon, developer confirms.


TimeSplitters 4 is not in development, series shop Crytek confirmed to CVG today. The developer told the site plainly, "No, it's not in development."

It's bananas: TimeSplitters 4 is not in development.
It's bananas: TimeSplitters 4 is not in development.

TimeSplitters 4 was announced in 2007, and developer Free Radical (now Crytek UK) promised it would offer "heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action."

Last June, a source said TimeSplitters 4 was not only in development, but being planned to ship for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox, with an unveil planned for the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The TimeSplitters first-person shooter franchise has been dormant since 2005's TimeSplitters: Future Perfect for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

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What a shame for Crytek... like they can't develop fun video games...

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That's brutal but I'm not surprised. Plenty of other great series have been canned or completely ruined in the past few years. If there isn't a new Fallout or Red Dead I might be finished buying games after GTA.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i hear ya..this yr will probably be the last yr that a surplus of gr8 games are coming out. if its not in developement now. Itll be out for the next consoles. IF they put time and love. PEACE!

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@Lifeshifter Uh, the only TimeSplitters game that was published by EA was the last one. The previous two were published by Eidos. Also, the IP holder for TimeSplitters is not EA. The rights belong to Crytek. And, yes, as of now most of Crytek's games were published by EA, but they had worked with Ubisoft before. They're also currently developing Ryse, Warface, and Homefront 2, which are being published by Microsoft, Nexon, and THQ respectively.

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As long as it happens in the future, sometime on next-gen consoles would be cool

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@sLe7in Nope its not a blind attempt by any means, EA foots the bill for those games and also publishes it. If they decide they don't want to dump anything into it they won't which is I'm sure what happened here otherwise they only other suggestion is if its even still being considered it might be left for the next gen stuff. Also don't forget about 90% of Cryteks stuff is all published by EA and not any other publisher out there.

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@moviequest14 oh god the puns, they burn.

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@moviequest14 I agree completely... I actually meant timesplitters has a few issues in the emulator :P Always loved TS, bought the 2nd one before buying a ps2 because I used to play the first one round a friends house. It basically just got left there and I'd go round after school, lol. Another reason why all these money grabbing, no sharing or offline friends play is a complete turn off for me : (

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@otanikun : I could see why this would be a CRYSIS , but it is a FAR CRY from what we wanted! :P :D

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Well that's a massive disappointment, I rather enjoyed this series and one of my first FPS experiences, it's a shame they're practically abandoning it in favor of Crysis and Far Cry.

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@pugey09 Timesplitters: Future perfect was online. it was really fun. they did a good job

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bollox :(

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they could at least give us a HD collection to keep us busy.

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They could at least say sorry for misleading everybody. Jerks :(

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@JimmeyBurrows : It might not be perfect but I'll give a game a lot more lee-way when I know the developer's hearts were in it. I can overlook a glitch here or bad pacing there (not saying it has either but only for example) if I know the developer really cared about it and spent time making it.However even if a game is technically perfect (far from my next example) I will hold it to the most cynical of standards if the developers are just in it for money , copy and pasting like in MW3/2/1/soon likely 4 , when your main focus is on multiplayer mode , which is given as a bonus feature in all other games (including timesplitters) and give a basic format intentionally holding off additional content with the sole purpose of charging the consumer more for it. I know game companies are in it to make money , but at least have some integrity with it , to me Activision (or at least the call of duty district) might as well be the e-mail sharing hack-business on the internet as much as business ethics.

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Why is it that the good games always get put on hold?

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I'm sat at work literally 100ft away from crytek uk shall I go brick the window and smash Alcatraz up that's stood guard... With the Nigerian security man that's fast asleep!.... Stop wasting time on homefront 2 and get timesplitting

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screw crytek UK I refuse to buy another crytek game ever again

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Crysis is a decent FPS series, but it doesn't have a lick of the personality the TimeSplitters games did. It's not surprising to hear the dev dosn't care about the series in favor of putting forth full effort on Crysis, but it's definitley more than a little disappointing. Especially with his blunt response. "Oh that game? S**t on that game. No one wants to buy it or play it." At least thats what it comes off as to me.

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I thought the 1st timesplitters for ps2 was very good the multiplayer had something fun about it, it would be great if it was online, they could do well with this to because you could never run out of ideas with guns you could use modern classic and futuristic weapons i think this would be the only game that could pull it of because it would not work in other shooters..

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Awwww, at least we still have Runescape though... ;)

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Ah I see, they must be painfully allergic to success and money. Surely that can be the only reason we won't be getting Timesplitters 4.

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Sad news indeed.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> A new petition to show publishers that the market is ready for Timesplitters 4. Crytek knows how good of a game it will be and would love to develop it.. Its just the publishers don't think it would be good enough for todays gamers. Prove them wrong!

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Was great on the PS2, but what more could this add to the already bloated FPS genre? Are we getting to the point where there are no new ideas in the gaming industry? You know...stuff you take days off sick from work to play when it first comes out. Been a long time since I did that, and I miss it.

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nooooooo :(

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It's time to split! Unfortunately.

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WHYYYYY Timesplitters online would be amazing!!

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WHAAAAAAAAAAAT Give us Star Wars Battlefront 3 then GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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Next Gen.

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It's a shame, the ps2 ones were good

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@megakick : good point , that's why so many games now-a-days are becoming generic forms of stereo-type action movies. Give me an extremely successful game that isn't based on over-sized guns or swords making the action ''bigger and better than ever'' , with just flash and you'll have a rare find. All the public seems to want now-a-days is something to say wow at , over-stylized action (not saying some games can't be fun at the same time). I know the ''games are meant to enjoy and leave it at that'' point can always be brought up , but I still kinda miss the days where games were fun and did have production values.

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Crysis is more Genric and Timesplitter is more niche, smaller audience. Publishers make games to make money.

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I loved Timesplitters so much. I played the local multiplayer with friends and bots so much. I spent a lot of time making levels also, it was just a great game that really needs to have another game.

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Been playing through timesplitters 3 with the wife. It's surprising how well the game holds up. Still fast, funny and the weapons feel great. It's a damn shame these guys will be making MP for crytek games for the foreseeable future. From Goldeneye to Perfect Dark to these games, thats a hell of a pedigree. (Assuming the core team is still present after so many years)

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Timesplitter games are awesome fun, I've bought them all. Played and enjoyed them with my children, even. Haven't bought a single Crysis game, and don't plan on buying any either. TimeSplitters4 would get my money.

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This sucks! I for one really enjoyed the last Timesplitters game, it was fun designing your own levels and using dual tommy guns.

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lame crytek, first you let your farcry series go (not to say i dont like the later games in the series, IMO 2 was good and 3 looks awesome though), but you now halt development for TS4.... but worse moves have been seen. besides it could be a shroud for an e3 showing... its possible they are being mean just to surprise us later....ah wishful thinking

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Its really too bad free radical went under :( why the hell would they make crysis 3 over this? Are they worried about costs? Kickstart this sunb!itch and ill be at the $100 donation level... at least give us the chance to put our money where are mouth is....

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And the new duke nukem forever.....

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@Malaphisis um, no.

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BUMP WTF GET TO WORK GIVE ME THE FILES WTF MAKE TS4 ALRDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for real though how hard is it? just make it happen, dont you already have all the old models and levels? Its called recycling, just give cod a call and theyll tell you...

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@deadpeasant your talking bout a FPS that was console only and came out in 2002. what do you mean by high water mark?

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Timesplitters 2 still remains as the high water mark for FPS games so far. A sequel must be made.

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Still playin time splitter 2 on GameCube lol. One of the best offline mp games

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What about a new Perfect Dark game? Come on Crytek...

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