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TimeSplitters 4 not in development - Report

Crytek's dormant first-person shooter series not coming back anytime soon, developer confirms.


TimeSplitters 4 is not in development, series shop Crytek confirmed to CVG today. The developer told the site plainly, "No, it's not in development."

It's bananas: TimeSplitters 4 is not in development.
It's bananas: TimeSplitters 4 is not in development.

TimeSplitters 4 was announced in 2007, and developer Free Radical (now Crytek UK) promised it would offer "heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action."

Last June, a source said TimeSplitters 4 was not only in development, but being planned to ship for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox, with an unveil planned for the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The TimeSplitters first-person shooter franchise has been dormant since 2005's TimeSplitters: Future Perfect for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

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