TimeSplitters 4 announced

Developer Free Radical promises "heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" from monkey-packed first-person shooter; no platforms yet mentioned.


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When Free Radical released the first TimeSplitters as a PlayStation 2 launch title in October of 2000, there weren't a wealth of other top-notch console multiplayer first-person shooters, so it didn't have to do much to stand out from the competition. But as the genre grew crowded, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect stood out as much for their sense of humor (and focus on monkeys) as for their multiplayer action.


Developer Free Radical Entertainment this week confirmed the development of TimeSplitters 4, and the game appears to be the next (il)logical progression for the series. Visitors to the studio's Web site can find a teaser trailer for the game that plays off the marketing campaign of Microsoft's recently released hit Halo 3.

With a bit of foreboding piano music in the background, messages in a familiar-looking font flash across the screen, proclaiming, "The greatest first-person shooter of all time. Back for another chapter. Fight to the finish." The screen then pans along a suit of the Master Chief's Spartan battle armor before revealing it to be occupied by a surprised-looking monkey and the game's logo.

A short blurb on the site promises TimeSplitters 4 will feature "even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" before challenging players to "save the world or die laughing."

No platforms, publisher, or release date has been announced for the game. At the moment, Free Radical is also working on the PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze for Ubisoft, as well as an unannounced title for LucasArts.

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funny how people say they because they are spoofing halo 3 its gonna be on th xbox, i somehow doubt that, its like mgs4 making fun of splinter cell in one of its first trailers

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I think i just creamed myself

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i just blew my load!!!!!

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I've always enjoyed the Timesplitters series. I hope this one can offer more of the same goodness.

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A game like this is what the Wii really needs.

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Oh man! I've been playing this series since I got my PS2... Easily one of my favorite series in video games, period. There is just too much too mention in one post.... The map editor... The awesomely funny story mode.... the crazy characters.... the massively fun and awesomely awesome multiplayer.... everything.... Whatever system this comes out for, I WILL own it.

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@ Dualmask How the HELL does that confirm a 360 version? I mean where do you begin to work that logic? "Well he's in a Master Chief uniform so therefore that means they like the 360 so it's going to be on the 360" WTF are you smoking? While there isn't a doubt in my mind that it probably will be coming to the 360 as well as PS3, that kind of logic is just idiotic. It's meant to be a parody, it doesn't represent what platform it's on, sheesh

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There better be a 360 version of the game.

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yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!! Me and my friends used to have SO much fun with this series!! Such Memories!

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It's Monkey Chief!

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Well that trailer all but guarantees a 360 version. It would be nice to see it on Wii as well, and done right...Metroid Prime 3 already has me on the verge of actually becoming a FPS appreciator.

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Timesplitter has the best MP on console in the last-gen IMO.

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Funny trailer they got there

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TimeSplitters 4 on the 360 with Xbox Live Count me in

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