TimeSplitters 4 announced

Developer Free Radical promises "heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" from monkey-packed first-person shooter; no platforms yet mentioned.


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When Free Radical released the first TimeSplitters as a PlayStation 2 launch title in October of 2000, there weren't a wealth of other top-notch console multiplayer first-person shooters, so it didn't have to do much to stand out from the competition. But as the genre grew crowded, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect stood out as much for their sense of humor (and focus on monkeys) as for their multiplayer action.


Developer Free Radical Entertainment this week confirmed the development of TimeSplitters 4, and the game appears to be the next (il)logical progression for the series. Visitors to the studio's Web site can find a teaser trailer for the game that plays off the marketing campaign of Microsoft's recently released hit Halo 3.

With a bit of foreboding piano music in the background, messages in a familiar-looking font flash across the screen, proclaiming, "The greatest first-person shooter of all time. Back for another chapter. Fight to the finish." The screen then pans along a suit of the Master Chief's Spartan battle armor before revealing it to be occupied by a surprised-looking monkey and the game's logo.

A short blurb on the site promises TimeSplitters 4 will feature "even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" before challenging players to "save the world or die laughing."

No platforms, publisher, or release date has been announced for the game. At the moment, Free Radical is also working on the PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze for Ubisoft, as well as an unannounced title for LucasArts.

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ZOMG!!! the one for PS2 I forget which one but it was AWSOME!!! I loved it, I rented it like 5 times...IN A ROW...still never have beat it...

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W00TAGE! Can't wait for this!

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I hate this kind of count. They numbered first two games and third one is not even numbered but named 'future perfect', and now they are numbering again? WTF.

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*HAS NERD-GASIM* If this isnt on the Wii, i will die inside

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The TS series has always been solid. I remember the monkeys, zombies, and the ridiculous power-ups. I liked the one that made you invisible.

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Timesplitters FTW!!!! That was one of the funniest trailers ever!!! Can't wait to check it out. @DannyAF - FPS games are no good on the Wii? You need to look at a couple of others games before you get the hammer out for your Wii-FPS bashing. First off, the games you listed were nothing more than a bunch of vamped-down versions of games that most of us didn't care about anyways (CoD 3 wasn't any good on 360 either, and the Far Cry games on Xbox were marginally better than CoD 3). However, games like Metroid Prime 3 and even the over the shoulder setup for RE4 have proven to work incredibly well with the Wii. Red Steel...well, chalk that up to Ubisoft wanting to cash in on something they weren't expecting to last. All in all...I think that if Timesplitters got a version of whatever, maybe even its own exclusive game, on the Wii....it would probably be one of the sweetest experiences possible.

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awesome i really like timesplitters 2, i never played future perfect. Im definatly going to check this game out

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This is going to be quality like all of Free Radical's games.

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ok first of all can it xbox,sony,pc fan boys. the wii can do it. And as far as the Wii guys are concerned, I don't see how any games port well from the PC/360/PS3 to the Wii (which is basically a xbox1 on the inside) that is not true, the wii is at least 2.5 times powerful than the xbox one danny AF you forgot mp3 it was great!

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Hey Free Radical, whats the hold up, announce Battlefront 3 already?! They list a lucas arts game as top secret for over a year, their taking over for Pandemic to make swbf 3....whats the hold up??

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This will be great i really enjoyed all the TS games and making maps is so awesome. Only prob with the last one was no bot support online. It's alot of fun to play infection mode with loads of bots with a friend see how long you can survive. Hope they support it in this version!

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Taegukki "but the gameplay would be much better on Wii" yea we've seen how gameplay with first-person shooters can be on Wii. Just look at Red Steel, Far Cry, and COD 3. LOL. FPSs on Wii can not be done right.

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Yes! I was waiting for them to confirm the game! "It's time to split!"

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I luv making my own maps, but i hope they have AI for splitscreen matches... And as far as the Wii guys are concerned, I don't see how any games port well from the PC/360/PS3 to the Wii (which is basically a xbox1 on the inside)

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hahaha monkey chief is funny

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this is great news!!! i like this game i hope they put online mode in it

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Zounds! Too many releases and announcements!

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ts 4 shall be good .. better then halo 3 period map maker etc more guns characters more levels obviously and it will be multiplatform so no worries of having it on 1 platform ima get it for all 3 lol i did with 2 and 3

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come on really want this. please be out on Wii i loved the other 3

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I always enjoyed the Time Splitter series. Look foward to playing this game.

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"RussianYulia17 wow can't wait. should be for 360 & PS3 only." Why? There are fans of the series who only own Wii's that want to play it as well. Dont be so selfish. The game would look better on the 360 and PS3, but the gameplay would be much better on Wii.

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I hope this new timesplitters game will not be PS3 exclusive, it pissed me off when Haze went PS3 exclusive. Hopefully Haze will not do well on PS3 so Free Radical Games makes this one mult-platform. The game looks cool, but it shouldnt make fun of Halo 3.

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its gonna come to all 3 2 and 3 did so why not 4 , they can easily get it on the wii much more easier then 360 and ps3 graphics would look like a polished xbox 1 game and i can deal with that lol 3 looked pretty good , cortez is always in it notice they say more characters so its gonna probably have every character from past ts games and more ,, same for guns .. and levels to i bet .. chinese is probably gonna end up in it again expanded more lol

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wow can't wait. should be for 360 & PS3 only.

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one word finaly

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I loved TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, i hope it will be released for the 360 or PC and not only for the PS3.

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They've gone triple platform with Timesplitters 2 and 3 (to my knowledge). Chances are, this is going to hit all of the current consoles (P3, 360, Wii). I expect this game to be a kick in the neck!! I love this series!

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Nice. So wich console will I have the pleasure of playing this on Free Radical?

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. . . but will you be able to jump?

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hm.... im guessin its going to..idk.. 360!

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Sounds pretty cool :)

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Awesome!!! Please come out with either a Dreamcast or Neo Geo version so that my grandmother can play it with me. And in addition to the gingerbread man and the guy in the diver's outfit, could you include Dean Martin as a playable character?

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they better put this on the wii, all of the other games were on nintendo systems too.

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best. news. ever

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No....freaking....way..........this is just to much to handle in one day!

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Heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action? Excellent

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Free radiacl is going towards the PS3 with their new game HAZE wich is now eclusive for good. They probably did that halo spoof to make fun of the xbox 360.

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That add was too funny lol. :D

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Free Radical, if youre reading this, PLEASE put this game on Wii! With online of course :wink: We havent had any decent FPS yet, we need one. Timesplitters is my favourite FPS series of all time.

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YES!!! totally awesome. hope its on the 360

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Yes can not wait!!!!!!!!!

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Monkey bots FTW.

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Timesplitters 2 was AMAZING, this is great news, hopefully this'll be with online

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Hopefully it gets a Wii release. The control scheme suited the N64 (ala Goldeneye), and will suit the Wii too.

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YES! Please don't let EA go near this game though!!! The first two games were perfect, I consider TS2 one of the PS2's best. But Future Perfect was a little bit of a let down in terms of the gameplay and style, specifically for multiplayer

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First person monkeys? You had me at monkey.

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i'd rather cortez and corperal hart be in it than the monkeys.