TimeSplitters 4 announced

Developer Free Radical promises "heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" from monkey-packed first-person shooter; no platforms yet mentioned.


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When Free Radical released the first TimeSplitters as a PlayStation 2 launch title in October of 2000, there weren't a wealth of other top-notch console multiplayer first-person shooters, so it didn't have to do much to stand out from the competition. But as the genre grew crowded, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect stood out as much for their sense of humor (and focus on monkeys) as for their multiplayer action.


Developer Free Radical Entertainment this week confirmed the development of TimeSplitters 4, and the game appears to be the next (il)logical progression for the series. Visitors to the studio's Web site can find a teaser trailer for the game that plays off the marketing campaign of Microsoft's recently released hit Halo 3.

With a bit of foreboding piano music in the background, messages in a familiar-looking font flash across the screen, proclaiming, "The greatest first-person shooter of all time. Back for another chapter. Fight to the finish." The screen then pans along a suit of the Master Chief's Spartan battle armor before revealing it to be occupied by a surprised-looking monkey and the game's logo.

A short blurb on the site promises TimeSplitters 4 will feature "even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" before challenging players to "save the world or die laughing."

No platforms, publisher, or release date has been announced for the game. At the moment, Free Radical is also working on the PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze for Ubisoft, as well as an unannounced title for LucasArts.

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Yeah!! Time Splitters 4 is coming!!!

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I'm pretty sure that joystiq or destructoid had a story on this a while ago, and that the developers are DEFINITELY considering the wii.

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About Damn Time.

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"I doubt the Wii will get it, it'll be online because the last was and what high profile game nowadays isn't." lol your dead wrong, If the people making this game are smart they would relise if they want any hope of doing good they would put it on all the systems avalible, EXSPECIALLY THE WII SINCE IT DOES HAVE MORE CONSELES OUT THEN THE PS3 AND 360. it simple logic to put a game out on a system alot of people have, why do you think mac gamming sucks?

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it better have online!

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Timesplitters 4, baby! 2008 just sounds better and better each day...

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I loved Time Splitters Future Perfect. This better come out for the Wii

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I doubt the Wii will get it, it'll be online because the last was and what high profile game nowadays isn't. I can't wait, I love the Timesplitters series, have everyone of them and have put more than 150 hours into Future Perfect alone, can't wait

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i hope the wii gets this !

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yea i knew you guys would mention Metroid Prime 3. But of course that game was developed by Nintendo. Im not a Wii hater, i own one myself and rarely play it, but i just wish developers can take a look at MP3 and see how to do a fps right.

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YYYEEEEESSSS!!!!!hope its online!!!

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*goes to return halo3 to the store* *remembers that I never got halo3...or a 360* oh well =/

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"yea we've seen how gameplay with first-person shooters can be on Wii. Just look at Red Steel, Far Cry, and COD 3. LOL. FPSs on Wii can not be done right." So yeah all console fans get excited in harmony about a game that keeps us all together and you're the only one that has to break it... Just a question? Have you ever played Metroid Prime 3? or at least played a Wii? If not just leave... IMO, this game would be done better on the Xbox 360 for the online or the Wii for the controls... Or they can mash up both things and make a great game on the PS3... Nah it wouldn't happen.

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oh man, Timesplitters is the only FPS i like on the consoles, its so funny and crazy and amazing art direction. lets hope Wii gets a version and the FPS controls are awesome! i'd love to see a nicely controlled FPS on the white nintendo machine

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This day has been awsome. 1st I see that I can use a Keyboard for the Wii, which paves the way for other hardware that I'd like to see. 2nd. Sonic is announced for Brawl, which means this game just keeps getting better and better. 3rd. Another Timesplitters is coming.

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can't wait! timesplitters always had a great sense of humor.

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If it comes to wii I might try it out. =]

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Funny Trailer! :)

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I'm might get it if it comes to Xbox 360.

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Timesplitters is awesome!

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cant wait since timespliters 3 isnt bc yet and cant play live this will be amazing multiplayer is so cool in timespliters it coulda easily toped halo series multiplayer if they marketed it more not to many ppl know about this game and it was more of a play with friends at home then over live 360 and ps3 plz do not put it on ps2 and port it up or w.e make it next gen like it needs to be

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cant wait till it comes out =)

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It should have sweet achievements

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A must have!

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AMAZING! My friends and I were owning it up for TS 2.

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To say I'm looking forward to this is an understatement! Awesome news :)

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I must have this. It'll be a shame if it's not on the Wii, but if it isn't it will almost certainly be on the PS3 and 360, so I'll pick it up for my PS3. Either way we all win. :)

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Hope it's good... That trailer really should have shown one cool new gameplay aspect.

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Really hope they make this for the PC as well. I really enjoyed the TS games, but I rather play FPS with a KB + Mouse. Besides the PC, they should REALLY make it for the Wii as well. Wiimote rules for FPS(on a console, at least).

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Yesssss. I fracking can't wait for more monkey maddness. Thanks Free radical. Please be multi plat tho

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ps3 exclusive plz =D

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YES TIMESPLITTERS. READY TO PUT MONKEYS IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. o and dual mask you arent very intelligent. TIMESPLITTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Time Splitters was my PS2 launch title pickup back in 2000, and the series has been a defining staple of my console FPS experience since. I can't wait for more!

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sweet one of my fav. fps games before halo

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omg awesomeeee i had ts1 and 2 for ps2 and ts:fp for gc and they were awesome with multiplayer cant WAIT

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Is this serious, why do I think this is a joke?

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Well, now all you Time Splitters fanatics can get a new fix.

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As if a developer would make a FPS and NOT put it on 360. I'm never wrong, and that parody is proof that the developers share my line of thought.

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Even though the characters were deformed and made differently than other first person shooters, the storyline was kept serious. And hey, great multiplayer.

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Yep, I always thought master chief was a monkey! jk :)

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o god :D

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Yay. Get my hopes up, delay, get my hopes up again, then I enjoy game. Timesplitters 5 yes?

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OMG that trailer is **** cool. Can't wait for the game expect it summer next year i bet

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I love Free Radical, their games are hilarious. All of the innovation and humor left Rare Ltd. When the guys who founded Free Radical left.