TimeSplitters 4 announced

Developer Free Radical promises "heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" from monkey-packed first-person shooter; no platforms yet mentioned.


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When Free Radical released the first TimeSplitters as a PlayStation 2 launch title in October of 2000, there weren't a wealth of other top-notch console multiplayer first-person shooters, so it didn't have to do much to stand out from the competition. But as the genre grew crowded, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect stood out as much for their sense of humor (and focus on monkeys) as for their multiplayer action.


Developer Free Radical Entertainment this week confirmed the development of TimeSplitters 4, and the game appears to be the next (il)logical progression for the series. Visitors to the studio's Web site can find a teaser trailer for the game that plays off the marketing campaign of Microsoft's recently released hit Halo 3.

With a bit of foreboding piano music in the background, messages in a familiar-looking font flash across the screen, proclaiming, "The greatest first-person shooter of all time. Back for another chapter. Fight to the finish." The screen then pans along a suit of the Master Chief's Spartan battle armor before revealing it to be occupied by a surprised-looking monkey and the game's logo.

A short blurb on the site promises TimeSplitters 4 will feature "even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart-pounding, hot, sweaty action" before challenging players to "save the world or die laughing."

No platforms, publisher, or release date has been announced for the game. At the moment, Free Radical is also working on the PlayStation 3 exclusive Haze for Ubisoft, as well as an unannounced title for LucasArts.

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Where's the new Red Faction also?

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I loved TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect for the PS2. What great multiplayer options and the bots were fun to play against, although i never played against anyone online. Bring on the fourth installment... at least it's not coming out this year... I'm going broke...

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Cool, I loved TImeSplitters 2

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awesome news. i enjoyed TS greatly and i cant wait for this one. Now just a legit sequel to Wipeout (not this redo crap) and than on a side note maybe square decides on Einhander sequel and man that would be a great rez of some old school games!

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cool, this game better hav a map editor like the previous ones

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Map editor?? Please.

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I hope this is multiplatform.

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Awesome, cant wait for this game

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awesome, make your debut on the 360 timesplitters

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@READTHIS101: beyond that list not being all exclusive, most of them don't sound appealing to me, and only a few are really big titles

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loved the orignal theme...nice list there readthis...too bad some of those games arent exclusive to PS3.

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@READTHIS101 - Uhhh...Apparently you didn't see the part about the platforms being UNDECIDED... "No platforms, publisher, or release date has been announced for the game." try reading the article before posting -.-

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Awesome! I hope this will be released for multiple platforms.

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YEAH, cant wait for this game! Lets just hope its another multi-platform masterpiece

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yes oh bloody yes thank god tiesplitters is the best in the same house mulitplayer game ever

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If they pull off another "no 360 version of game XXX", I will be severely pissed... unless they decide to make it on the PS2 :?

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yay,my news got through

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"Noooooooooooo!!!... Spaceman?" It's about time they announced a new TS game! Can't wait to pick this one up!

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Its time to split.... Can't wait for Timesplitters 4 and Haze. Everything that Free Radical makes is gold and I'm reall excited about both projects.

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Awww Yeeeah!

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Yep thats great....but where is Star Wars Battlefront 3???

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I just don't wanna see another future perfect... TS 1 and 2 rocked... 3 did not...

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as long as i can still throw bricks im there.

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved timesplitters future perfect. Much better than most next gen games I have played. Its so funny. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have never played Timesplitters before.

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Wow, now this is the best news all week. I love the Timesplitters franchise, I own all the games and simply cannot get enough of it. I'm not surprised that number 4 is now on its way. But am I complaining? Far from it. I so hope it comes out on the Xbox 360 because imagine the great Xbox Live!:D This would so totally rock my world for all time. Plus it has monkeys, and you can't go wrong with monkeys.:P

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Definitely getting this.

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Future Perfect was better than Halo 2

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PS3 and 360 please! It needs the transition.

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Wow I was sitting on the toilet earlier and was reading a very very old EGM from the PS2 launch.. and saw time splitters in there .. and was thinking man that was a cool game.. and it had a great level editor to boot.. " I wonder if it'll ever show up again" 8 hours later I see this... crazy...... I've been having these moments lately.. I watched The Soup the other day and they were showing Britney Spears driving with a pacifier in her mouth and being surrounded by the poperazi (sp) and it reminded me of how Princess Diana died.. a few days later.. on some news show they are talking about how Britney feels like shes going to have the same fate...

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OMG...i always knew that there would be a 4th TS game...and know all my dreams have come true ^_^

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boo ya

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cant wait this game iz hell of fun.

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Oh yeah! I (heart) TimeSplitters!

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i liked timesplitters 2 simple but fun my dad said in game this looks good and i was hooked i never finnished it but had so much fun i didn't care.

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this better come to 360 (just imagine time splitters and xbox live). and bring TS2 and Future Perfect to the backward combality, would also like to see Second Sight seen as i never played it.

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This is great :D there was a logo "chimps of war" also during E3 it was funny too! This is going to be cool!

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Great news ... can't wait!

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lol...monkey humor. my greatest muitplayer game is back! can they make the timesplitters 2 and 3 combatible for 360 yet? and more MONKEYS! And annonce the damn Battlefront Aready.. we all know it is.

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This was announced in Edinburgh, I already knew about this, but hey this is gonna be great XD!

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I knew it was coming! Just had a feeling the last few weeks. So happy that it's finally on it's way. Awesome :D

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Yes! I've been thinking about TimeSplitters since I started playing around in Forge on Halo 3, and the Meta-game in it. It was the only thing that diminished my excitement. Now here's hoping they return to their "roots" and it plays a little more like the first the the third. Can't wait to hear more, un-fricken believable. Honestly, I hope it will be a PS3 exclusive or just PS3 and 360 so they don't have as many limitations. Although if anyone can kick some ass with a FPS on Wii, it's gotta be free-radical.

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Awesome, I cant wait.