TimeSplitters 2 goes offline

Eidos cuts the online multiplayer feature from its first-person shooter.


Eidos has issued a statement revealing that the PlayStation 2 version of TimeSplitters 2, the only version of the game that had previously been confirmed to support online play, will no longer support that particular feature. "We had always hoped to include an Internet online component in the PlayStation 2 version of TimeSplitters 2," an Eidos representative said. "However, the infrastructure is not yet in place that will enable us to incorporate an online element and still make the game's proposed release date. We certainly don't want to delay the release of one of the year's most anticipated games and as a result disappoint the many fans who are eagerly awaiting the game."

Despite TimeSplitters 2's lack of online multiplayer support, the game is still slated to feature iLink and LAN multiplayer support. Players will be able to link up to six consoles via the PlayStation 2 iLink, which will support up to 16 players. PS2 owners who pick up the network adapter this month will be able to link up to eight consoles for a total of 16 players in a game.

As far as the GameCube and Xbox versions of the game are concerned, neither version of the game will feature online multiplayer modes. The GameCube version will support up to four players in split-screen multiplayer. The Xbox version will support the system link accessory and allow up to eight consoles to be linked together.

All three versions of TimeSplitters 2 are currently slated to ship on September 24.

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