TimeShift makes quantum leap onto Xbox 360

Atari's time-traveling first-person shooter due for Microsoft's next-gen console in spring 2006.



Atari doubled its announced Xbox 360 support today with news that the fourth-dimensional first-person-shooter TimeShift is headed to Microsoft's new platform in spring of 2006. The game was previously announced for the PC and Xbox, and those versions of the game will warp into stores in spring and summer of next year, respectively.

Set in the near future(s), TimeShift puts players in the quantum suit of Colonel Michael Swift, who's been tapped by the American government to test a time machine. Swift is sent back to 1911 on a test voyage, but when he returns he finds that the world has dramatically changed. As a result, he must take up arms against an oppressive regime to set things right again.

Swift is aided in his mission by the usual assortment of shotguns, small arms, and flamethrowers, as well as by the quantum suit, which lets him slow down, pause, and rewind time.

Developer Saber Interactive is building the game on its Saber 3D engine, which lets normal mapping create highly detailed textures and characters, advanced parallax lighting, and complex physics for in-game objects and characters.

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