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Time Crisis: Razing Storm Move-ing on PS3

E3 2010: Namco Bandai's shooter franchise gets exclusive Sony installment this fall with new online mode; Time Crisis 4, Deadstorm Pirates packed in.


LOS ANGELES--The PlayStation Move factored heavily into Sony's 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference yesterday, as the publisher officially dated the motion-sensing controller for September 14 in the US. And as a controller is only as good as the games it supports, the publisher also rattled off a number of Move-compatible games in sizzle montage accompanying the announcement.

Razing Storm heads to South America.
Razing Storm heads to South America.

Among those machine gun announcements appeared to be a new installment in Namco Bandai's long-running on-rails shooter franchise Time Crisis. Sure enough, late last night the publisher officially announced Time Crisis: Razing Storm will arrive exclusively for the PlayStation 3 this fall. In addition to the Move, Razing Storm will also be compatible with Namco Bandai's own Guncon 3 light gun peripheral.

Razing Storm's storyline follows a special task force that has been sent to South America in an effort to take out the mastermind behind a plot to topple the United States. In addition to Arcade mode, which pits players against waves of enemies, Razing Storm will include a free-roaming Story mode. The mode lets players hunt down the villainous cabal through destructible environments, utilizing cover and the new auto-look function.

Namco Bandai's latest shooter will also introduce an online multiplayer component to the franchise. Up to eight players will be able to engage in both cooperative and competitive modes in Online Battle. Sentry mode is also new, and it lets up to four players offline attempt to route a prison break attempt.

Notably, the publisher is incentivizing the purchase of Razing Storm by packing in the arcade editions of 2007's Time Crisis 4 and the just-released Deadstorm Pirates. Both games have been updated with Move functionality and will also be compatible with the Guncon 3.

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