Time Crisis 4 hitting Japanese arcades

Namco's new Time Crisis to run on new board; beta test starting this weekend.


Time Crisis 4

Namco has announced it is currently developing Time Crisis 4 for arcades. The game is slated to launch in June in Japan, and it will begin beta testing this weekend in Tokyo.

To date, Namco's Time Crisis series have featured light-gun shooting action with the aid of a foot pedal, which can be pushed to avoid enemy shots and to reload ammo. In addition to the traditional system, Time Crisis 4 will feature larger levels, and players will be able to scroll the screen by pointing the gun at arrows located on the sides of the screen.

Time Crisis 4 will also run on Namco's new arcade board, called the System Super 256. The board will support richer graphics, allowing more enemies to be displayed on the screen at once. Time Crisis 4's cabinet also features a speaker dedicated to character voices, which will offer the player tips throughout the game.

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