Time Crisis 3 targets stores

Namco's light-gun-enhanced shooter ships out today.


Today, Namco let the world know that Time Crisis 3 has shipped to stores. Set in the fictional Mediterranean nation of Lukano, the shooter follows two agents of the VSSE espionage agency as they try and free the country from a hostile invasion force.

A PlayStation 2 version of the arcade game of the same name, TC3 uses Namco's Guncon 2 controller, a light gun peripheral that allows players to shoot at the screen and physically duck to avoid on-screen bullets. The game can also be played with the PS2 controller, but GameSpot's review does not recommend it.

Time Crisis 3 is rated 'T' for teen and costs $59.99 when bundled with the GunCon 2. For those who already have the GC2, it can be picked up for $49.99.

$121.00 on Amazon
$0.00 on Walmart

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