Tilted Mill Entertainment founded

Chris Beatrice, designer of Pharaoh, has left Impressions to start his own game development studio.


Lords of Magic
Lords of Magic: Special Edition
Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman

Chris Beatrice, designer of Pharaoh, has left Sierra's Impressions Games to found his own game development studio, Tilted Mill Entertainment. During his nine years at Impressions, Beatrice helped develop more than 20 games, including the Lords of the Realm and Lords of Magic series. He also served as director of design and development, general manager, and creative director of the company.

Jeff Fiske, former senior designer at Impressions, has joined Tilted Mill. Fiske is best known for the Lords of the Realm III.

Tilted Mill plans to develop strategy and role-playing games. The company is currently working with a major publisher on a publishing and distribution agreement for its first game, which is scheduled to reach pre-alpha stage this fall. For more information, visit the Tilted Mill Entertainment Web site.

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