Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 First Impression

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 lets you play as, or compete with, your favorite PGA pros on detailed 3D courses.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 for the PS2 will offer you a multitude of features meant to faithfully simulate the nature of the sport. The cast is composed of actual PGA pro golfers, including Tiger Woods, Stewart Cink, Justin Leonard, and Lee Janzen. Virtual representations of PGA courses make up the game's stages: Expect to put and drive through the Pebble Beach, SpyGlass Hill, and Poppy Hill courses.

EA Sports hopes to make Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 a visually impressive experience. Powered by the PS2's hearty innards, TWPGA2001 boasts lifelike character models teeing off on vibrant 3D courses. EA Sports also promises a dynamic camera system: The camera will trail balls in flight, adding a level of action to the otherwise sedate sport.

TWPGA2001 will make use of the PS2's Dual Shock2 controller, with its real-time analog swing feature. Using the stick, players will be able to gauge several swing factors, in order to "apply [their] real-life golf knowledge" to the in-game experience. The golf balls' physics are also being boasted about, as they are said to accurately simulate flight, spin, and bounce.

The game's PGA Tour mode will let you experience firsthand the "tension and excitement" of the actual sporting event. After qualifying for a place in the tour, you will go through a complete season, and you'll watch your rankings rise and dip as you compete against the tour's best.

TWPGA 2001 is set for release this fall. It's certainly seems to be coming along. We only hope it plays as good as it looks.

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