Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Exclusive Gameplay

Tiger is back! With Kinect support!


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 met with critical acclaim last year, receiving praise for its realistic simulation and caddie features and for having more courses than you could shake a 3-wood at. One disappointment in the Xbox 360 version, though, was the lack of Kinect support.

Enter Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. The new Kinect functionality comes with a host of fresh features, including a new total swing control and strike meter. The producer, Mike DeVault, showed us all this and more. Take a look at the gameplay clips below to see for yourself.

In the new Tiger Legacy Challenge mode, you assume the role of Tiger at various points in his career. This means taking control of the man himself from his very first swings, all the way to his current standing, and beyond.

Tiger Cub

McIlroy vs. Woods

Clash of the Titans

A Rough Time

Time now for some brand-new Kinect support gameplay: as you up the difficulty, the Kinect decreases the margin for error, which can make things tricky.

Kinect With Tiger

Kinect Like a Pro

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 hits stores in the US and Europe on March 27 and 30 respectively. Keep your eyes on GameSpot for more details closer to launch.

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