Tiger Woods Online: Beta Progress to Carry Over to Full Game

EA Sports says all career progress and stats will transfer for players who transition from beta to full game when it launches next week.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
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Here's hoping this isn't just a belated April Fools' joke: I just received an e-mail from EA Sports saying that all progress players have made in the public beta of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will carry over from beta and into the full game when it launches on April 6. Here's the relevant snippet:

A rumor has been circulating around the community saying career progress, stats, course mastery, pro shop items, and more were going to be reset to zero at launch next week on Tuesday, April 6.

The rumor is just that, a rumor!

All of your stats, career level, swing trainer attributes, pro shop items, course mastery, and the like are going to remain with you after launch.

This is a nice move on EA Sports' part, especially for players who have dumped a bunch of time into the beta, as the thought of starting over with golfer attributes and zeroed-out course mastery simply wasn't that appealing. It should also act as a nice incentive for those beta folks to pony up for the full game when it's out next Tuesday.

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