Tiger roars to the top of UK chart

US golfer scores his first-ever debut at the top of the all-formats UK top 40; Too Human enters at number eight.


While Tiger Woods has never struggled to make an impact on the UK games charts, today marks the first time the golfer's game franchise has debuted at the top. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 hit the summit of the all-formats top 40, beating out competition from other new entrants Too Human at eight and EA stablemate The Sims 2: Apartment Life at 11.

Despite the change at the top, the rest of the chart contained many familiar names. The Olympics may have closed nine days ago, but both Mario & Sonic and Beijing 2008 clung onto positions six and nine respectively this week. Wii Play and Big Beach Sports also stayed on the charts in the exact same positions they held last week, at numbers five and seven. Tiger Woods' entry on the chart forced last week's number one, Mario Kart Wii, down to number two, while Wii Fit also lost a place and dropped to three.

This Friday marks the start of the run-up to Christmas, with a number of high-profile releases. EA's Spore is a likely contender for next week's number one spot, although it will have to fight off Mercenaries 2: World in Flames and Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise. Also set for release is S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky from GSC Gameworld, and Infinite Undiscovery from Square Enix.

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How does one "roar to the top" anyway? Stand with your back to a hill and roar with enough force that you are pushed uphill? Your editor has run amok.

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WALL-E kicks your @-s-s

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wow I'm disappointed at the UK

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PLease stop buying carnival games! i am sick of seeing it up there now.

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Jesus wheres the good games

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this top10 is so mediocre, it's not even funny. It's hard to believe that Too Human couldn't make any better.

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I didnt find this years tiger woods game to be fun

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lol only games there worth anything are mario kart wii fit and too human the rest are garbage

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This just shows the sorry state of gaming at the moment..

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Thank you for posting the list.

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Hmm, an unusual move. Seemingly there must either be a lot of golfers or Tiger Woods supporters out there.

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What the hell...Tiger Woods in the top spot?

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I honestly didn't see this one coming O_O

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British Wii owners appear to have remarkably bad taste.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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raahsnavj!LOL! I have already blocked number 4 from the conciousness!!

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unbelievable !

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Ah, fixed. That is one thing I would have to say I like about GS's news. If you mention an improvement or clarification they will add it in... They were probably trying to save the UK from the humiliation of having Carnival Games be #4... but blaming themselves (with the GSwide thing) was a noble attempt at a save.

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There are a lot of new gamers in the UK since the Wii came out. Interesting to see a couple of 360 games on the list.

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thankyou for posting the chart!!

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Sorry about that -- the chart not showing up was a result of us trying to make it display properly... having a few GSwide-related issues with it.

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Mercs 2 will top next week, I reckon.

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Always the same list but just a little bit added each time.

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aye raahsnavj lets just have every article a riddle. and what about number4? its not even like the articles done numerically. the point of the article is to get the chart positions across so why make it convoluted by mixing up all the numbers. the aussie chart always has a very complete list and is very easy to glance through and see whats selling where.

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It's a logic puzzle. If we had 10 games and you only know the relative location of 6 of them, can you put them in order? Yeah, it probably would have been easier to just use numbered list and throw it in the article.

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Full list?

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lol yeah

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is it too much to ask to have an exact list at the end of the article? will be ordering mercs 2 this afternoon!!