Tiger King Viewership Numbers Revealed; Here's How Popular The Show Is

Netflix's latest true crime show is, as you might have guessed, very popular.


The Netflix true crime show Tiger King has proven to be immensely popular. New data from Nielsen (via Variety) shows that the show was seen by 34.3 million people over its first 10 days in the US.

This makes it one of the most popular original shows from Netflix ever, surpassing Stranger Things Season 2, which had 31.2 million viewers over its first 10 days. It's also pretty close, but still behind, the uber-popular Stranger Things Season 3, which had 36.3 million viewers over that period of time. All of these numbers also come from Nielsen, via Variety.

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Bear in mind that Nielsen's data is not exact or necessarily accurate. The research company gets its numbers are "extrapolated estimates" that only factor in internet-connected TVs. The data excludes viewing on mobile devices and PC, and again, only factors in US viewers.

Netflix has not released any official numbers for Tiger King, but the platform's own Top 10 rankings show the program has been in the No. 1 position for two weeks. Even if specific and precise viewership numbers have not been announced, it's clear the show is very popular, considering all the memes it's spawned and social media commentary about it. The show even prompted the local sheriff's office to ask for leads about one of the show's subjects.

Tiger King focuses on Joe Exotic, the owner of an Oklahoma roadside zoo, who ultimately gets caught up some serious business with law enforcement.

A zoo owner featured on the show, Jeff Lowe, says that Netflix has produced another episode of Tiger King, which will be released soon. Netflix has not confirmed this. In addition to this new episode, an entirely new Tiger King show is on the way as well, but it won't air on Netflix.

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