Thursday: Hosting a Tactical Intervention

Thursday is upon us; the end is in sight. Our number four free-to-play slot goes to the FPS Tactical Intervention. Now with vicious attack dogs!


Tactical Intervention

No Caption Provided Attack dogs you can throw through windows. That's what Minh Le really wanted, but concerns about upsetting animal rights groups led the Counter-Strike creator to drop the window-tossing option. His upcoming first-person shooter, Tactical Intervention, still has ferocious canines for you to command, but they have to use a door like everyone else. With the numerous tools, game modes, and other tweaks to the CS formula, Tactical Intervention looks to be as close to a true Counter-Strike 2 as we're going to get. The game doesn't just aim to refine the old formula; it expands and adds to it in several interesting ways. You can see all the specifics yourself in the videos below.

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